14 February 2009

Alex McMillan

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12 February 2009

Blackriver ispo winter 2009 photos

Check out a few photos from the Blackriver stand at the ISPO event in Germany.

Martin Winkler - B/S air

Felix Hess - Switch B/S Noseblunt

Manu Oberle - B/S air

Fabi - Switch Front Blunt

Nic Herzog - Backtail

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos over at Blackriver's Flickr account.

Taylor Rosenbauer - "Revolution"

Taylor Rosenbauer's video trailer. Looks like it will be insane!

Fingerboard in Brazilian Newspaper

Lazaro Paz, Alan dos Anjos and his fellow fingerboarders got recentely interviewed for a local newspaper, getting including in the cover.

The main focus of the interview was of course introduce to the mass public what is fingerboarding and how it works. They also speak a little about the past, how everything has started, the creativity used to make your own obstacles and stuff like decks.
The also show a few tricks, explaining to the main public what is a grind or a slide for instance. Which is in my opinion always valid, people who are not used to skateboarding or fingerboarding have no idea what is let's say a nollie heel back noseblunt. "what? that's chinese?" So it's always positive to explain a little about the basics.

Lazaro also speaks about his own project called "Skate de Dedo de Volta", where he, along with other fingerboarders, goes to some schools to have some demo, and pretty much spread the fingerboarding to more and more people. Also, in Lazaro's words for the news "i want to show that fingerboard is a choice to take kids out of the streets", and that's a very noble attitude in my opinion.

Click here for large version: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_pBdJItL9Xn0/SUbP7Ej_HVI/AAAAAAAAADE/IyrFUS3hgiA/s1600-h/jornaldentro.jpg

There also the interview in video format, take a look:

That's it, congrats to Lazaro and Alan for everything they are doing, and to the brazilian scene, always showing the positive side of fingerboard. go for it lads!

10 February 2009


I received this email from David Paredes from Spain!

A few days ago, we have created Fingerboarding.es, the main Spanish comunity about fingerboarding. There are 3 sections: a blog, TV channel and forum.

Spain hasn't got so many fingerboarders as other countries like Portugal, France or Germany, but the national scene is growing up and now, with Fingerboarding.es, all the riders have a place for meeting and interchange information and other fingerboarding stuff.

I am very excited to see that Spain has its own fingerboard online community! Everyone be sure to check it out!

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Foreign Language Speakers Wanted

I am currently looking for any person who is able to write/understand any of the following languages to assist me on a project I am working on. The goal of this project is to connect with fingerboarders who are from Asia. More details will be explained later.

Malay, Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, or any dialect of Chinese (preferably Mandarin). If you speak any language besides these, please let me know!


Berlinwood Crisis

Recently, I am sure that many of you have been aware of the difficulty of acquiring Berlinwood fingerboards. I encourage you to read Substance Wheel owner Jerome Verony's account of the situation here.

I am shocked to see that this happened to Timo, the owner of Berlinwood, after all he has done for the fingerboard community. Luckily, there are great people who support Timo and Berlinwood, like BlackRiver Ramps, and they will be back soon!

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Fingerboarding is Not So Small After All....

I recently discovered that there is much more to the fingerboard scene than just the North America, South America, and European scenes. While our own scene have obviously been exposed to mainly the Western fingerboarding culture, most of us have failed to realize that there are plenty of fingerboarding communities around the world that we have yet to be exposed to. I spent the last four Hours searching for fingerboarding communities in Japan, and while i could not find a major forum community, I could tell that there was a very large amount of fingerboarders in Japan. Fingerboarding in Japan is widely called '指スケ' (yubisuke pronounced yu-bee-sue-kay). Check out some of the videos of the Japanese fingerboarders in the post below, and you can see they are very skilled!

While searching for a Japanese fingerboard forum, I stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. Fingerboard Cafe is a large Korean fingerboard community. I was very surprised to see how much threads, photos and videos were posted on them. Even though I cannot read Hangul, which is the Korean language, I was able to find navigate the site by clicking the links underneath the banner. Check it out at http://cafe.naver.com/finger1.cafe

Edit: Fingerboarding in Korean is "핑거보드".

After finding this forum, I feel that there is so much we have yet to discover in fingerboarding! I bet there is a huge Chinese fingerboard community! My goal is to establish a connection with the members of these forums and share resources with them!

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09 February 2009

Japanese Fingerskating

Japanese fingerskateboarding videos! I have been searching really hard to find out if they have a large fingerboard forum community. If anyone has any information, please let me know!

A.R.P Fingerboard team video "Sprained Finger eez"!

Here's an english translation of their site! There is a small message board too. Check out some of their videos ^_^

Also, check out this video by another Japanese fingerskater!

Got an update coming soon about some important stuff.

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Hardflips with Chris Daniels!

Sorry about the bad quality of the video. WMM :-/

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