10 February 2009

Fingerboarding is Not So Small After All....

I recently discovered that there is much more to the fingerboard scene than just the North America, South America, and European scenes. While our own scene have obviously been exposed to mainly the Western fingerboarding culture, most of us have failed to realize that there are plenty of fingerboarding communities around the world that we have yet to be exposed to. I spent the last four Hours searching for fingerboarding communities in Japan, and while i could not find a major forum community, I could tell that there was a very large amount of fingerboarders in Japan. Fingerboarding in Japan is widely called '指スケ' (yubisuke pronounced yu-bee-sue-kay). Check out some of the videos of the Japanese fingerboarders in the post below, and you can see they are very skilled!

While searching for a Japanese fingerboard forum, I stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. Fingerboard Cafe is a large Korean fingerboard community. I was very surprised to see how much threads, photos and videos were posted on them. Even though I cannot read Hangul, which is the Korean language, I was able to find navigate the site by clicking the links underneath the banner. Check it out at http://cafe.naver.com/finger1.cafe

Edit: Fingerboarding in Korean is "핑거보드".

After finding this forum, I feel that there is so much we have yet to discover in fingerboarding! I bet there is a huge Chinese fingerboard community! My goal is to establish a connection with the members of these forums and share resources with them!

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Blogger Mauro said...

Hey Chris!

I love what you do with the blog.

The Argentinian scene is pretty unknown too, but in a few weeks, we'll be holding a national event in Buenos Aires.

I'm Argentinian, my YT is MauroKSS..

I think our scene will start to get famous.


February 10, 2009 at 5:16 AM  
Blogger Chris Daniels said...

Let me know about that event! I'd be happy to post about it!

February 10, 2009 at 2:07 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Hey Chris,

I just read the thing you just typed i never knew that here in Japan fingerboarding is that widely populated.

I live in a decent sized city named Yokosuka many pro's like the etnies team, the E's team and chad knight, steve nesser and kenny anderson have been here.

One day i hope to meet some fingerboarders in the area.

The scene is growing and growing.

Michael W. From Yokosuka, Japan

P.s. I live on a naval base that's why my english is quite well.

March 28, 2009 at 4:44 PM  
Blogger Chris Daniels said...

Hey Michael,
Sorry I took so long to respond!
One of my friend's parents was stationed at the Naval base there and lived there for a few years. I have gotten a hold of a few Japanese fingerboarders, so I'm sure you could send them a message through YouTube and meet up with them!

Best wishes,

June 15, 2009 at 12:20 AM  
Anonymous Michael W. said...

Hello again chris,

its alright as long as i got a response. hahah thats nice, our family is well known here so we might know them. i have messaged the other fignerboarders but they havent responded so hopefuly they may soon.

Thanks for the response,

Michael W.

August 2, 2009 at 5:13 AM  
Anonymous Emmy said...

Just stumbled across this post. So cool! I realised there was fingerboarding in Japan, but Korea, too!

Have you tried using http://www.systranet.com/ ?

It's got Korean, and with that you can decipher quite a bit of the website. Cool!

August 28, 2009 at 11:39 AM  
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