10 April 2010

Paolo in da family!!!!

I am proud to announce something almost obvious.
Paolo is officially part of the Lowpro Family.

I met Paolo around 2 years because of fingerboarding, and let me say, this is exactly what its all about.

Friendship and fun.

Events in multiple countries, meeting new people together, starting a real group of friends that go beyond companies, motivating each other in our quests in both our scenes and projects, lot of fun and a lot of fingerboarding.

Paolo is now in Portugal at the Lowpro Foundry working with us, the good times are only starting!!!

Hellll yeahhhhh!!!

31 March 2010

New Fingerboard Weekly

After having multiple issues with Blogspot/Blogger, I create a new location for FBWeekly. SquareSpace will allow there to be much more features than Blogger allows. Within the next few days, both fbweekly.blogspot.com and fbweekly.com will redirect to the new site!


Change your bookmarks to http://fbweekly.squarespace.com/!!

New Flatface riders

Jeldo Ulpts

Andre Coral

24 March 2010

Battle at the Harrics

The Battle was something new, i could feel it in the air days and weeks before and everyone was hyped...

Last week 7 out of 10 facebook things i read were about the battle. „Going to Berlin!“, „going to the airport now!“ or „need a place to sleep?!“ It was like a well-planed invasion.

Over all people did extremely well regarding all the rules and i am looking forward to see all the stunning clips from the weekend.

Dimitri won the battle and a lot of Euro in cash. However people obviously were not participating for the money but for the fun, so honestly i guess they would all have showed up even without any pricemoney.

Congrats to Dimi!!Thanks to Kranz, Harry, Earn, RAW, Djs, the two girls in the competition Sheryl and Nina, the lowpro crew, the freakout crazy NWDC people, Jay and Mike, and everyone else...

Here you will find a few pictures from Berlin....

23 March 2010

This year SPAIN is the place to be!!

This year there will be no single weekend without any kind of FB event somewhere...

"Freeday" will have a nice contest this saturday in Sevilla, Spain

and in may there will be a nice event on Ibiza organized by EZK8.

14 March 2010

Music by Boris Dietschi

I don't know what to do.
Boris Dietschi has great video, which name is Wooden Friend. I need his music. Google couldn't help me.
If he has any other songs, please send me the information via e-mail (vitaliy@fbspot.ru). I am ready to buy them, if it is not possible to download.


13 March 2010

Spinal february 2010 session at the headquarters.

The french touch. ;)