29 January 2010

Martin Winkler and Elias Assmuth on TV Total

Johannes Kohl was kind enough to upload the interview with English subtitles for those of us who don't speak German fluently. Thank you very much!

Part 1:

Part 2:

28 January 2010

Italy: latest AxeRamps events!

18th october 2009 and 9th january 2010!!!

Enjoy the latest AxeRamps fingerboard events in Italy!

F.A.P. - 18/10/09

Hide&Trick - 09/01/10


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27 January 2010

FINGERBOARDER MAGAZINE - competition results & info

I almost forgot to present the results of the fingerboarder magazine contest:

The picture shows the best 5 entries.

Special thanks to Aidan Knezo from the US who send in his special version of truck-packaging!

Our winner Marcus sent a gigantic fingerboard to destroy a city – that was crazy enough to take this competition.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

In the meantime the first issue of the magazine (both the German and the English versions) has been published and we are already working on the next issue ready in april.

We would love to have a lot of different aspects of fingerboarding in the magazine, but are of course limited to our own „universe“.

We hope some of the readers will send in pictures, text-material, drawings, articles and other stuff connected to fingerboarding – this will help make the magazine videly varied.

We would like to know what is going on in Japan, countries from South America, countries from Africa, Finnland, India, Australia ...and the list goes on...

Please participate - this is your magazine!

Mike will have the magazine in stock soon!

24 January 2010

Yek Yek Yek - Indonesian Fingerboard Video

This video was made by Alldhika "Dee" Ganesha, the owner of soon to be fingerplant.com. This video has 4 parts showing some of my best friends in Indonesian Fingerboard scene, Kenjiro Sabato, Alldhika Ganesha, Hendra Caps "Hend-Ramps", and Albar Maulana. Don't mind the video quality :)


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