19 June 2009

something else II

Every day should be "go skateboarding day"!! Enjoy the weekend...

If you want to know what is going on on this picture you can check out our "go skateboarding day" - clip on youtube:

18 June 2009

Jader & Gonçalo mini

Jader & Gonçalo got together for this chilled out mini.

17 June 2009

Shit Hessens Contest

Katha from FBS sent me some information about the Shit Hessens contest that is being held in Frankfurt, Germany on the 18th of July. It looks like it will be a really fun time! There will be an after party, and fingerboarding all night for everyone. If you have the opportunity to attend definitely go there!

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Date: July 18th
Cost: 5 Euros

More information here:

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16 June 2009

Fingerboard Frenzy video

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have a lot of stuff to post in the next few days!
Presenting Fingerboard Frenzy!

Starring Edgar "Eddy-Z" Vargas and Chris Daniels ^_^

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Hit the Line!

Lowpro & Yellowood, together with Ytrucks, have the pleasure of anouncing the first full portuguese fingerboard online contest.

- from 22 of June to 6th of July
- 3 diferent tricks in a line
- at least 1 in an obstacle
- free submition
- video entry to hittheline@gmail.com
- lines will be judged upon style and realism


- 1 Lowpro Engraved + 1 Yellowood p6 Engraved + Ytrucks + 1 Lowpro Tape pack 5x + 1 Lowpro Performance Pack + Yellowood t-shirt + 1 Lowpro Euro-palette

- 1 Lowpro Graphic deck + 1 Yellowood Graphic deck + 1 Ytrucks + + 1 Lowpro Tape pack 5x + 1 Lowpro Performance Pack

- 1 Lowpro Blank deck + 1 Yellowood Blank deck + 1 Ytrucks + + 1 Lowpro Tape pack 5x + 1 Lowpro Performance Pack

example of a line:

14 June 2009

Relativity 2

Here's a promo for my new DVD coming out this summer.