02 March 2010

Lowpro & Axe Ramps On Tour

The core group of me, Paolo and Daniele are traveling throughout europe to 2 diferent events with different people.

First off the event in Switzerland, in Lugano - Broken Fingers organised by the amazing Lugano Crew
This one was ultra special.
thanks to Seba, Jacopo, Paolino, Paolo, Martin, Manu, Daniele, Pip ,Luka e Simone!
here are some pictures
i never have much patience to take pics at events so they are not the best, still...

ALSO Manu´s pictures which are much better than mine as photos do Manu


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah it was a awesome event and nice to meet you guys :). greez marki

March 6, 2010 at 11:57 AM  

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