15 May 2009

Flatface G7.1 Wheels!

Mike Schneider posted on FFI that the new G7.1 A wheels are in stock! I love the new thinner shape of the wheels, so get them while you can!

"FlatFace introduces the G7.1 wheel. The inside features the same dual sheilded custom lubricated highest quality ball bearings as always, and the wheel itself will feature all the regular spaceproof flatface wheel materials you've known and loved. The difference is the shape. After looking at a skate wheel closely, I've figured out how the shape of some skate wheels is so different than G6/G7s. Of course, skate wheels come in different sizes. You can think of G6/G7 as slightly wider skate wheels, and these new 7.1s as a thinner skate wheel. But, not only is the wheel thinner, the radius has also changed. Made with a 100% custom carbide tool, these wheels are made with rounded edges exactly like a skate wheel, in an advanced way that's not easily acheived. After a few weeks of prototypes and tests, I'm proud to announce the new series of wheels. And of course, G6 and G7 wheels will still be made, but for those who are looking to try out something new, try some G7.1s.

Right now I have them only in A's (turquoise) but I'll get more in different colors to follow. As the original material of the first G6 wheels, the A material is extremely resistant to wear and internally lubricated, for a good clean feeling, no matta wot. And a nice color to make your setup look nice and professional.

Sorry for bad pics. Here's 2 pictures taken by Doug where you can see the shape and color more accurately.

They are in stock now on www.flatfacefingerboards.com !
Direct link:



Berlin Wood is back !

Some of you might have seen or even skatet the new Berlin Woods during Rendevous 6 last month and many were wondering, when to expect them to be released officialy. 
Well, waiting is over. The new BW will hit the streets this saturday may 16th ...

The brandnew BW-edition is the beginning of the BerlinWood-reload, we all have been waiting for. Together with Elias Assmuth BW-mastermind Timo Lieben has initialized the next step in

wooden fingerboards, by creating canadian maple boards with an evolved  new performance concave. 
MORE POP, MORE STYLE AND MORE CONTROL describes what the new boards are all about. 
110% run by fingerboarders, no compromise will be made. 
Quality counts. 
The first model, the Elias Assmuth signature deck, is clean and stylish. 

I know, this is not the only board-brand in the world, but i am happy they are back after all the good things they did for fingerboarding all these years. 

Welcome back...

pic:  Martin Ehrenberger

Oh and please make sure to check out Tim Hurley´s post from yesterday -scroll down- 
They made a killer Video and posted all the parts for free on youtube. :-D All Killer, no filler^^

14 May 2009

Fracture Style: A Mega Full Length

An overdose of Tim Hurley, and Ethan Ebeling...an overdose you want to OD on. I must be cocky for a second, this is one of the freshest, most amazing full lengths to come out this year. Ethan's part really shows his progression as a fingerboarder. He's truely my favorite fingerboarder ever. Watch his part, and pick your jaw off the table after your done.


Ethan Ebeling

Tim Hurley

Meghan and Sydnie

The Meetup!!!!! (yes we use winklers outside and they aren't even ruined!)

11 May 2009

Hansen´s Game Of Skate DIY FB-edition

Hi, i am proud to be a part of fb-weekly. It was amazing talking to Tim, Chris, Jay and all the other fingerboarders during our stay in Andover. They really push fingerboarding. 
From time to time i would love to contribute with articles and fun-stuff on this page. 

A while ago i noticed everyone playing GOS all day long. Thats cool, cause i like the idea of beeing forced to do tricks, you normaly avoid. 
Somehow i came up with the idea to make a special playboard for FB-GOS. Just to put something fresh and fun into the ordinary game of skate. 
And an hour later i had an early version of this game. It´s nothing special. It is a Do It Yourself game. 

This is how the Playboard looks like when all parts are assembled: 

All you have to do is to download the Game-folder, print the playboard and the arrow, cut the arrow, laminate the playboard and the arrow, connect them and find an old dice somewhere...
Use thick paper for the playboard. 
Even if you have no printer or lamination-machine at home it will not be expensive to print two pieces of paper in a copyshop. Copyshops also have lamination-machines. 
Check the game-rules PDF in the game-folder..

Remember, this is something i thought would be fun trying to build, it is nothing big and it is for free. 
Please don´t hate on me for my english, i promise to get better...at least i will try..^^
I hope you will like the game or the idea of it. Feel free to modify the game... and let me know, when you tried the game.

Here is the rapidshare link - the gamefolder is only 286 KB, so it is a fast download even if you only are a free-user:   

10 May 2009