06 March 2009

Flash Fingerboard Trick Generator Version 1.0

Alright guys, I made a little flash random fingerboard trick application.

Let me know what needs to be changed! It's pretty buggy lol

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Fingerboard.de Forum Closing

The Fingerboard.de forum is closing down due to threatened legal action.
“Hallo liebe User,
da mir heute seitens “ihr wisst schon wem” (onlineshop + deckhersteller) gerichtlich gedroht wurde, sehe ich momentan keine andere Lösung, als das Forum vorerst komplett zu schliessen.
Wir arbeit an einer Lösung und hoffen, bald wieder für euch da zu sein.
Viele Grüße,
Dear fb.de Users,
an onlineshop and a deckproducer (you know who…) threatened me today with bringing me up before court. At the moment there is no other possible solution than closing the whole forum.
We are working on a solution and hope to be there again soon.
Best Wishes

If you would like a summary of the situation, read this article by Jerome Verony summarizing the situation. http://www.jeromeverony.com/Documents/Statement_Feb_09.pdf

04 March 2009

Random Skate Trick Generator

I spent a day looking for some sort of random skateboard trick generator because I have been wanting to practice games of S.K.A.T.E without having to bug my friend to play with me haha.

I made this in about 5 minutes in Microsoft Excel(Maybe less lol). Includes basic skateboard tricks for now. I'll add in some more advanced tricks if interest is high enough.

How to use:
1. Download file
2. Open file with Excel (If one version of the file doesn't work with Excel, use the other version)
3. Select the red colored square
4. Press the delete key
5. A new trick should be generated
6. Do the trick on a fingerboard!
7. Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6.

* Included both random and weighted random trick generation.
* Deleted the rotations variables. Factored the rotation into the trick itself.
*Added a colored square to guide noobs ;-)

.XLSX File(For newer versions of EXCEL)
.XLS file (For older versions of EXCEL)


02 March 2009

The Great Salt Lake

Cartel Media Presents "The Great Salt Lake"

Featuring parts from:
Allyson Ta http://www.youtube.com/allys0nn
Nathan Randall http://www.youtube.com/nathanr2389
Taylor Albert http://www.youtube.com/taylorfbs
Aaron Kuppin http://www.youtube.com/fingertech
Chris Daniels http://www.youtube.com/cdplaya0

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New Brazilian Deck Companies

The newest brazilian deck company is called JK Fingerboard Decks. "What's so special about that Jader?" you may ask. I'll tell you, despite the fact of they being extremely well made, the company is owned by a girl, named Kássia. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think it's the first deck company in the world to be owned by a girl. Much respect Kássia!!!

Decks are 28mm/99mm, Mellow or Regular, and so far are avaliable at the green, purlple, red and blue colors. Right now she's only selling to the brazilian market, but soon they are suppose to be avaliable at Massacre Webshop, so you guys will have the chance to buy them.

And here's a pic of Kássia herself, switch nosegrind:

There's one more Decks/Ramps company rising over here, Alfa Decks and Ramps.

Owned by Bruno, decks have 28mm/100mm, medium kicks and concave, 5 plies, and so far he's only making blank decks. They look awesome, you can check by yourself:

At the moment, they are only avaliable to the brazilian market, but just give the guy sometime, i'm sure you guys will soon have the chance to try these wonderful decks.

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