28 February 2009

Review: Flatface G7A & Flatface G7O

The Flatface G7 wheels feature a dual-bearing design that allows for . I noticed a major difference in comparing some of the older Flatface wheel models to the G7's. In my own experience, they spin much smoother, and faster than the older models. There is a little bit of difference between the materials. I found that the G7O's felt a little bit harder than the G7A wheels. Also, the G7O's seemed to be much quieter. However, the G7A wheels spun faster, and longer than my set of G7O's. Overall, the Flatface G7 Wheels are the best wheels that I have used to date.

Flatface G7A Fingerboard Wheels

Flatface G7O Fingerboard Wheels

Buy Flatface Wheels at http://flatfacefingerboards.com/webstore/categories/Wheels/!!!!

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26 February 2009

Temporary Layout

Our old template for the blog's layout died today =<. For the time being, we are using this temporary layout until we can find a suitable permanent one!

24 February 2009

New Flatface Site! Flatface DVD soon!

Flatface has released a new site layout. This marks a shift from using the osCommerce engine before to an engine by Interspire. According to Mike Schneider, the owner of Flatface, the new site will provide more flexibility and control, as well as let customers view products that are not in stock. I really like the new layout!


By the way,

The Flatface Team DVD will be released shortly!! The movie has been in the making for quite some time, and was set to be released probably 20 or more times. But the wait is finally over!

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23 February 2009

Flatface Ads

Get some Flatface Wheels at http://flatfacefingerboards.com

Don Polarek

Matt Lieber

Flex Tape 2.0?!?

Here are some pictures of the new No-Comply Griptape (on top) in comparison to the old No-Comply Flex Tape (the bottom). According to Todd from No-Comply, the new tape is a little bit thicker, and has a softer feel to it. Once Todd releases the tape, be sure to buy some!

Shameless plug:

22 February 2009

Great day for portuguese fingerboarding!

Saturday Incredible Saturday!

Great day!
3 events in 2 countryes.
Two of the events that happened on Saturday were in Portugal, one in the North and one in the Center of the country.
First off.
The Setubal Sessions nº4, incredibly hosted once more by Miguel Tavares.
3 parks, a lot of friends and fingerboard to the mix.


Individual boards group photo!

The great portuguese Choco Frito! lol

Run System - same rules as in Fingaspektakel #2

1st RUNs - 45s + 15s last trick

1 - Gonçalo Rodrigues 92
2 - Afonso 87,5
3 - Miguel Tavares 85
4 - Bruno David 85
5 - Luís 78,8
6 - Tuneado 77,5

7 - Gui 76,3
8 - Ruca 75
9 - Mullen 71,3
10 - João 70
11 - Alex 67,5
12 - Grim 66,3
13 - Tiago 62,5
14 - Xoxolas 57,5
15 - Pedro 56,3
16 - Rodrigo 55

Last RUNS - 45s + 15s last trick
1 - Afonso 95
2 - Bruno David 88,8
3 - Gonçalo Rodrigues 87,5
4 - Miguel Tavares 82,5
5 - Tuneado 72,5
6 - Luís 66,3

Gonçalo Rodrigues - SKA
Afonso - SKATE
Bruno David - SKATE

Second event was near Oporto in Vila Praia de Ancora.
A smaller meeting, but still full of fun and a great way to bond and criate great ties with those that love the pation for fingerboarding.


Lastly, I (Andre Coral) went to Italy. Invited by Paolo Melilo from Axe Ramps to attend a fingerboard Jam and spend part of the weekend in his house were the Axe ramps wonderland existes. Damm good park guys!
I met them in Pordenone, north east Italy.
Had a great afternoon in a black river park mounted in the Axe ramps headquarters that where set up in a sports multiplex called Sportler.
We had a great game of skate with 2 runs, in the end the final standings were:

1º Marco
2º Zoran
3º Paolo
4º Andre
5º Dario, Daniele, Alberto