21 February 2009

FBS Re-Open!

After a short absence, the Fingerboard Store is back in business. Be sure to stopk up on tall the tuning you need!


19 February 2009

Shen Company!

I got this email about a new fignerboard company in Spain called the Shen Company! Check out some of their pictures below! The decks look cool, and so do the benches! I especially like the party bench.

"A few days ago I discovered Shen Company. To my knowledge, this is the first professional brand of fingerboard in Spain, which is great news for the community.

The brand, based in Barcelona, began making skateboard, but soon entered the world of manufactures wooden fingerboard with the same graphics that its bigger brothers (the skate). They have two models, both to be very lightweight four plates. One is the nose and tail at an angle of 40 degrees, so that his pop is incredible. The other model has the nose and the lower tail, but is more concave and thus perfect for flips. Shen Company also manufactures banks for polishing granite and marble fingerboard, hence the slogan "born to grind." Loren, the shaper of the boards, says they are doing tests with a new cast and new types of wood, and in his words, the results are spectacular. In addition the brand will begin to design decks fingerboard with unique graphics and different from their skate boards, some are already available on their website.

The price is very cheap compared to other brands, and may be purchased from your store on eBay.



Flatface G7Z Limited Edition Wheels

Are very pretty!