08 July 2009

ASI Berlin Contest

TKY does it again. The legendary A.S.I Contest in Berlin will be held for the 4th time! Fingerboard Worldchampion Timo 'TKY' Kranz invites you! Be there.

07 July 2009

Hit the Line!

Well first and foremost i want to thank everybody that sent out their lines and had fun while participating this event.

Having fun mine and Philipes main objective so we are very happy with the result of it.

There as been exactly 550 entries!!!

Some of them are not lines and /or have mistakes in them like 4 tricks etc etc.

So tomorrow the judging sheets will be sent to the 4 judges.
Were they will be judging and giving out grades on

Then the winners will be defined when the average of all these 4 judging criterias is made.
So the classification of all the riders will be known and shown to the public.
( except for those entries that are not lines or that do not meet the basic rules - those wont be on the judging sheets.)

This process will take a while since its 4 people judging and giving out grades to 550 people, but once that is met, the results will be posted.

A video with the top 10 will announce the winners and be posted in all forums.

Thank you so much for everybody.