28 August 2009

Coffin Curb

Check out the newest video showcasing the Close-up Coffin Curb, from team rider Shoji.

27 August 2009

Markus Schmidinger

Killin' it!

26 August 2009

Outdoor Session

Tim and I decided to have a session today, but didn't want to spend a perfectly nice day inside. We found a nice park and had a session.

Nice Like It

It's always nice when people are hyped up about the site. Our good buddy Sean Witman dropped off this little nugget of entertainment for us, so check it out.

UK Rendezvous

Any comments, questions, or concerns can be addressed to the e-mail at the top of the flyer, or by contacting Thom McInally on the FFI forums.

Something else 6: gossip

By coincidence i had the chance to speak to Julien Klein (France), Mike Schneider (USA), Manu Oberle (Switzerland), Elias Asmuth (Austria) and Timo Lieben (Germany) at the same time today here in Schwarzenbach and i didn´t want to miss the chance to do something special about it, so i decided to ask each of these 5 fingerboarders the same 5 questions.

Unfortunately i have been working all day so my brain was about to explode and i couldnt think of any intelligent questions at all.

But who cares, who would expect any serious answers in return anyway??

So here we go: 5 fingerboarders, 5 nations, 5 questions, 5 answers and 5 reasons someone hopefully posts something new here on the side as soon as possible! :-D

The questions:

  1. What is your favorite trick at the moment?
  2. What inspires you in life?
  3. Who would win a fight between Winkler and Inspector Gadget?
  4. Magically you are suddenly able to shrink any pair of shoes you want to fingerboardsize, your choice would be?
  5. A catchy tune at the moment?

The answers:

Julien Klein:

  1. nollie to fakie, 2. baguette, 3. Chuck Norris, 4. Sandals, 5. BRR office phone

Mike Schneider:

    1. treflip, 2. sleeping, 3. Winkler!!, 4. my worn out cons, i like how they make funny sounds, 5. the song from „Kenny´s“ video

Manu Oberle:

1. ollie, 2. beer, 3. Chuck Norris, 4. socks (Mike style), 5. i don´t know

Elias Asmuth:

      1. pushing mongo on fb, 2. your mother, 3. once more: your mother, 4. flipflops, 5. Amelie OST

Timo Lieben:

      1. blunt shove it blunt, 2. good people around me, 3. ?? i thought that is one and the same person..., 4. Adidas Superstars II, 5. Tobias Phieler´s songs

…..hmmmm, if you ask me in the end these 5 fingerboarders are way closer to brainexplosion than i am!! :-D

25 August 2009

Wooden Friend

Really cool short video with Boris Dietschi. Don't forget to read Hansen's post under mine.

Something else 5: Malmö Ultra Bowl in Sweden, Scandinavia

Sweden has always been a special place in connection with skateboarding. The first McTwist was landed there during one of the legendary summer camps back in the days and they have better Skateparks than most other european counties. Somehow people in Sweden are more openminded towards "new" things such as fingerboarding and for the organizers of the Malmö Ultra Bowl it was a natural thing having fingerboarding to be a part of the event-program right from the beginning.
Skateboarding and Fingerboarding are going hand in hand and Blackriver decided to go to Sweden with some of the FB- & SB teamriders and friends.
Lucky for us Flo from Steyer in Austria joined us on this roadtrip. He is one of the nicest persons alive and he is also always motivated to film tricks anytime. Flo just put a clip from the trip online and i think there is a lot of fun stuff in the video.
We had our base (tent-city) at the Sibbarp Skatepark. It is not the big skatepark where the ultra bowl was held at, it is a smaller park at the water directly next to the huge bridge over to Copenhagen Denmark.
Copenhagen and Malmö conected are the secret "skateboard-capital" in Europe...

You can find the clip here:

It is not everyday you talk half an hour with Bill Danforth (skateboard legend) telling you how cool
fingerboarding is !!!

24 August 2009

Lowpro decks NOW on FBS