18 September 2008

Front K session with Dimitri Schlotthauer

Lourinha Jam - last Jam of the portuguese summer

Well, the Lourinha Jam happened!
What a great way to finish summer!

It was great. The best level of organisation we had so far.
Hailed by many as the best one so far.
Manata organised everything to the sense that we only need to snap our fingers and the city hall would provide what ever we would need, more table , more chairs. We never experienced anything like that before.
And the spot... well it was held in one of the best, if not the best, skate park in Portugal.
So when we would be tired of fingerboarding we could always skateboard.
Great atmosphere, great friendships, great moves, great weather, great location.
I leave you the video and the pictures that tell part of the story.

16 September 2008

Sponsors for Rendezvous 5

Mike Schneider is looking for sponsors to donate prizes for Rendezvous 5! If you are interested, check here for more information!

15 September 2008

Skills United 5

Skills United 5 has just been released! The video features Guillaume Ouellet, Taylor Lucas, Mike Schneider, Maggie Nadeau, Gary Chin, Dan Cordero, Tim Hurley, Chad Spradlin, and Darkwood! The editing is the best that I have seen to this date and features some very funny parts, and the fingerboarding is ridiculously good.