23 May 2009

Fast Fingers 12 Worldchampionship Results!!!

After a long and crazy game of skate, the results are in!

(1) Timo Kranz
(2) Dimitri Schlotthauer
(3) Elias Assmuth
(4) Boris Dietschi
(5) Marc Gork

You heard it hear first folks! Timo Kranz is the 2009 fingerboard worldchampion! Congratulations Timo!

The finals can be viewed here:

The event started with a qualifying heat, proceeding the heat was a break, then a handful of games of skate to determine the top 15, the top 15 took their runs, and it was narrowed down to the top 5. The final game of skate will take place shortly, the top 5 will play in a major game of skate to determine the winner(s).

(1) Elias Assmuth
(2) Dimitri Schlotthauer
(3) Boris Dietschi
(4) Marc Gork
(5) Timo Kranz

I tried my best to keep a record of the top 15, but I am missing 3 names. I'm sure Fabi, Hansen, or Basti will have a better list sometime within the next week.

In no specific order; Doug Bodkin, Boris Dietschi, Lukas Junk, Markus Schmidinger, Mike Schneider, Julien Klein, Daniel Durku, Elias Assmuth, Nico Frank, Timo Kranz, Marc Gork, and three others I am missing the names of.

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LIVESTREAM: Fast Fingers 12

Thanks for watching... fast fingers is over, so i took the livestream off. 
With millions of cameras filming nonestop all weekend expect some crazy fingerboardclips to drop soon.

20 May 2009

Papanjari: Indonesia Fingerboard Blog and Forum

Angga Panda, a reader of FBWeekly, has informed me that he has started a blog and message board community for Indonesian fingerboarders. This is awesome news, because I know there is a lot of Indonesian fingerboarders out there (their facebook group has 195 members!) and now they have a place to chat and share videos with each other. Thanks a bunch Angga Panda for starting up a forum for everyone!

Check out their blog and forum here: http://www.papanjari.web.id/

Be sure to sign up and support their community ^_^

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Japanese Close-up rider

I wish I knew this guy's name, but I don't. If someone does please tell me. He has some very fresh fingerboarding.

First Fingerboard Mini

Hey everyone! Sorry that I really haven't posted anything in a while, but now that I am finished with school I can spend a little bit of time working on stuff for the blog. Anyway, someone on FFI created a thread that I thought was really cool.

The thread (found here: http://fingerflipinc.com/forum/index.php?topic=41941.0) asked people to post their first mini. I decided to post two videos, a compilation of footy I had from 1999, and the oldest actual mini I could find on my computer, even though it wasn't the oldest mini I had made.

Here's the videos:

I thought it would be a cool thing if everyone could share their own first mini video, so we can all see how far people have gone since they began fingerboarding. Please feel free to post a link to your video in the comments section of this post. I'd love to see everyone's first videos :D


19 May 2009

FF12 Worldchampionship Park 2009

Blackriver posted up a video showing off the new park for this years Fingerboard Worldchampionship, plus a few tricks from last years World Championship winner, Elias Assmuth.

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18 May 2009

Doug Bodkin

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