13 December 2008

hey guys

fbweekly now has an email, so if you companies would like any information posted, feel free to email us, or if any of you fan girls out there want to drop your favorite fbweekly crew member a line, please, do so.

12 December 2008

Alexis Milant-A Close UP Story


08 December 2008

Fingerboard Store open! Flatface Wheels in stock!

Fingerboardstore.de has new products available for sale!

New stuff @ www.fingerboardstore.de

- LowPro K1
- LowPro K4
- Berlinwood extra wide "deep cancave"
- Nollie-Wheels Carbon Decks gold & silver
- some more Nollie-Wheels
- FBS Boxes

check it out!

The Fingerboard boxes look really cool and very useful. For more information check out
The Fingerboard Store!

More news about Flatface!

Flatface has a bunch of wheels in stock! Try out a pair of Chris Deso's promodel G6 Purple Yetis! Or buy a pair of the snow white colored G7-T's!

To buy Flatface products, visit their website here!

07 December 2008

weekly video

So.....I have decided to start a new feature here at FB Weekly. It will be the video of the week, this week, is a video from Harold Schon and Theis Mielke of Berlin, check them out.