27 November 2008

Fingaspektakel #2

As most people know, on the previous weekend the European championship took place in Steyr, the world capital of the spirit of fingerborading. Organised by Fingaspeak, the Fingaspektakel #2 took place for more than 15hrs of pure fingerboard madness.

All the greats were there Martin Winkler, Martin Ehrenberger, Emil Ebmer, Elias Assmuth, Nick Herzog, Fabian Schreiter, Manu Oberle, Harald Schon, Katha and the list goes on.
There were also Paolo Melilo and Stefano Moleri from Italys Axe Ramps.
Andre Coral (me) from Lowpro, Gonçalo Rodrigues and Loz met me in Slovenia and we rode to Austria anxious to get to Steyr.

It was a fantastic event in every sense of the word.
The place was amazing, big culture house with a lots os rooms with sofas, bar, store and the hall were all the parks were. Outside was snowing a lot :P

Everybody was nice and we were welcomed in a way that none of us expected. We ended up understanding why the central european scene is the top scene - the love for fingerboarding and skate.

It was very much contagious to use the parks, get to know the people, see them perform and basically be there.
Humble people + fingerboard love + the best parks = one of the most intense times i´ve had in a long time.

To all those that imagine how it is to watch Elias ride i say one thing... amazing!
He won first place of course. The oficial standings of the Unsponsored and Sponsored competitions can be viewed here http://www.fingaspeak.at/news.php.

There is still only some pictures available.
Soon Fingaspeak and Blackriver will release their vids and pics until then here is Lowpro flicker page:


And Johannes Nollmeyer´s (owner of Nollie Wheels) pics:

some pics...


hey everybody

happy thanksgiving from everyone here at fbweekly ^_^

it's some food, take a nap

26 November 2008

BlackRiver Ramps New Website Up!

Blackriver Ramp's website has undergone a huge overhaul! The new website looks really cool and has some great features! Don't worry, the shop page still is the same old trusty oscommerce system so ordering will be the same.

Check out the website at http://www.blackriver-ramps.com/!!!


24 November 2008

winkler wheels tlc reissue

That's right, Martin Winkler has reissued an updated version of the Winkler TLC (Timo Lieben Classic) wheel, this time with bearings, pick a set up if you get a chance, the price is 30 euros.


Fingerboard.de Magazine!

Fingerboard.de has undergone some big changes recently. As a matter of fact, they just released their first fingerboard magazine issue! This is huge news for the European fingerboard scene!
Check the FB.de magazine out Here!

23 November 2008

Darkwood meets Berlinwood!

Berlinwood isn't done yet! Add Brandon "Darkwood" Sentnor to the team roster! Congrats to both Doug and Brandon, as well as Berlinwood for adding two highly skilled and determined fingerboarders!