25 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from everyone here at FBWEEKLY

23 December 2008

Enough is Enough.

I haven't wrote an article about my perspective on the fingerbording scene in a while. Well, I decided that I will write about gaining respect. Obviously, when someone first enters into a scene, they do not have any respect at all. Also, there are multiple ways to gain, and lose, respect. One way is to show a high amount of skill for the task being performed. Another way is to contribute a large amount to the community. And even another way is to have a likeable personality. I am going to talk about how to gain respect through personality.

How can I get people to treat me with respect? I would say the best way is to treat others with respect, and understand the perspective another person has. I see so many people flame away at a person on a forum for absolutely no reason other than they disagree with the person's opinion. Everytime I see this I think "Great, we now know you are an idiot as well".

I also hear excuses all the time from people about why they act the way they do. Well, all it takes is a few minutes to think a responses through, and not make the attacks personal, and the forums would be a much better place.

Don't make stupid posts. Use some judgement in your posts. If you think people won't like it then don't post at all.

I am not just targeting the new members on the forums, but also the veteran members as well. I see the veterans act as bad or even worse at times. Be an example and guide the new members.


22 December 2008


If you don't know who these two guys are by now, you've been living under a rock. Check out Don Polarek and John Cowart.

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