02 October 2009

TKY at the Harrics

Nice one:

01 October 2009

Looking for Some Writers

FBWeekly is looking to add some writers for the blog. The FBWeekly crew believes it is important to give every fingerboard community some sort of representation on the blog. We are looking for fingerboarders from outside the United States that are active members of their respective fingerboard communities, relatively comfortable writing in English, and willing to write about their respective communities.

Email me at fbweekly@gmail.com if you or someone you know can fulfill these tasks!

P.S. Fingerboarding rules =)

Sick obstacles from Russia

Hi all!
My name is Vit Prikhodko aka gabex. Sometimes I will post information about our fingerboarding. Today I want to introduce new obstacles made by very hopeful russian company which name is LES-fingerboarding.
Let's look at hot new products!

This is the new rail. 26.5x6x6 centimetres.

25x5.5x5 centimetres. The bench is extraordinary because... I think that photo will show it.

If you will put the bench to the one side, you will get cool rail.

If you have any questions, you can send me e-mail to gabex.home@gmail.com!
P.S. Sorry for my bad English and for the last unprofessional photo.

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30 September 2009

Ride to Glory Contest!

"Fingerboarding.es is proud to present Ride to Glory, the first online Spanish fingerboard contest!

Everyone can participate, there is no need to be a Spaniard or be a member of the Fingerboarding.es community, and of course, it's free. There will be more than 1600€ in prizes in material. Thanks to our sponsors, the top three contestants of both categories will take home a package of gifts.

Videos must be sent between the 1st and the 12th of October. You can read the event rules on the Ride to Glory website.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors! Blackriver, Berlinwood, Yellowood, Ytrucks, Fingerpark, Winkler Wheels, FingerBoardStore.de, RBN Fingerboards, Shen Company, Substance, Rockstar Energy, FlatFace, Sugar Plant, Simple and Silver Decks.

Follow us on our Twitter!" From FFI

This looks awesome. It's great to see a contest that allows anyone to participate! Great job guys :D

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28 September 2009

Deadboy Fingerboard Contest (Indonesia!)

On August 29th, there was a meetup in Indonesia

Here's some videos:

Congratulations to Deni TX on winning the Game of Skate contest, and to Mario Egot for winning the Best Trick contest!

Big props to the Indonesian fingerboard scene for having an event like this. The future for fingerboarding looks very bright :-)

For more news check out Papanjari!

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27 September 2009

Fingerboard Radio

Check out the new site for Fingerboard Radio! Hosted and produced by Kyle Friend, Dave Wisotsky and Mauro Casas, Fingerboard Radio is the first dedicated podcast to the fingerboard scene.