17 July 2009

Essa Mesa é Minha - Skateboard/Fingerboard Contest

A few weeks ago this contest called "Essa Mesa é Minha" (This Table is Mine) was organized here in Brazil by a famous national skateboard mag, along with other skateboard companies. Essa Mesa É Minha was going to be a champ where the winner would literally win the table as a prize !! But the best of it was that they held a fingerboard contest at the same time. Great initiative!! FINGERBOARD GOES MAINSTREAM 4.0?? Hell yeah.
Lázaro Paz flew all the way from Salvador to São paulo, just to win the contest, and the final standings were:

1º – Lázaro Paz
2º – Guilherme
3º – Cristiano
4º – Jonas “Java”
5º – Rodrigo Rousseaux

1º – Laurence Reali
2º – Diego Oliveira
3º – Marcelo Formiguinha
4º – Rafael Gomes
5º – Leo Giacon

Lázaro at the top!! ^^

Today a brazilian mate posted the pictures of the article in the magazine (click to see them bigger):
The cover:

Just the fingerboard part of the article ^^ (sposored by Red Bull, how fancy ahahah)

And in case you are interested, click this link for the video of the skate champ:


Fingerboard Goes mainstream 3.0

Latest comercial campaign from Seat , the car company.

The video airing on Tv.

Their site ( in portuguese)

And many outdoor throughout the city that i didnt have time to shoot.

Something else 4 : Taildevils

I guess most of you have seen or even tried these before, but taildevils have a lot more to offer than just hitting the tail on the ground and setting the streets on fire.

Taildevil was kind enough to send me some pictures that look sooooo fun.
I totally like the idea of putting taildevils on gloves when dropping and sliding hills.

I remember Techdeck having a techdeck special pack once with special trucks and a special rail that made sparks while grinding....

Taildevil should really start producing miniature taildevils for fingerboards...hahaha

Thanks to Bryson at Taildevil for the pictures.

You can watch some Taildevilclips here:

16 July 2009

Having Nothing : [

As most of you know, i spent the last week at Ethan Ebelings house and had the time of my life. It was great until i left because i forgot to transfer my fingerboard stuff, and camera from his car to my car. I brought my laptop, and clothes but not that stuff. Don't ask how i could have let that happen. I just wasn't thinking.

Anyway, the point of my article is that because i forgot everything to fingerboard at his house, it has forced me to fingerboard without a camera, and good fingerboard stuff. When i got home, i got a package from Sydnee. it was my Naipe. The deck is sick! I put on esmooth, and luckily had my g7s from my g12 which i had in my pocket. I scrounged my floor for screws, and set it up. Withing this time that i havent had a camera and stuff, it reminded me what real fingerboarding is about.

I made a ramp out of cardboard, a damn good ramp out of cardboard. Since my only wood deck is the Naipe at the moment, i learned all my tricks on it, and was forced to work with what i had, instead of being able to change around the setup whenever i wanted.

It reminded me of when i started in 06, and all i had was tech decks, and skate grip. I used one tech deck, and made all my ramps out of cardboard. I kinda like having no camera, but i really od miss it, and realize i have alot of reasons to film, all the time.

Anyway, keep this in mind too. I'm fresh out of inspirational articles for now, hope you enjoy my thoughts!

15 July 2009

Meeting up with people

Just letting you guys know, meeting up with people that fingerboard gives a definition to fingerboarding. I recently spent a week at Ethan Ebelings house, and really learned what true fingerboarding is.

True fingerboarding is : chilling with someone who fingerboards, talking about fingerboarding, sharing tips and tricks, teaching someone how to do a trick the other can't do, listening to music just having a "soul" sesh, doing lines, taking turns doing tricks on the same obstacle forcing you to watch someone else fingerboard without having to look through the view finder or lcd, landign a trick and watching it through the playback and getting stoked on it, landing your cleanest trick yet, landing your best combo, getting something new from a trade, and most importantly wanting to fb all the time, even if you had fingerboarded the entire day.

Keep these in mind. Even if you dont meet up with someone, you should coem in contact with a few of these things. If you dont come in contact with any of these, consider rethinking the way you fingerboard. However, meeting uop with someone will make you realize what fbing is all about.

14 July 2009

The Invasion Visalia CA USA

This year there are countless contests, meet-ups, rendezvous worldwide and i was asked to post the flyer for a fingerboardevent in Visalia, USA next month...
I hope someone will take some pictures, since i
can´t go myself ;D

13 July 2009

Harry's WeissWurst Iss Jam Video!