17 October 2009

Russian Scene

Russian Federation is rather strange country, but we have fingerboard scene too. You can ask me questions and I will answer them. You can ask questions about fingerboarding or not. This is your choice, I'll answer to all.
So, we have many companies, cool riders, fingerboarding is shown at TV.
And guys, please, register at vk.cоm! I want to create big community which will connect fbweekly readers and other fingerboarders. Also, you will have access to free music, clips, films, photos. This is the heaven for you!

P.S. Who can give me techdeck's e-mail? If you have it, please send me (gabex.home@gmail.com), I have a proposal.

15 October 2009

Editorial: Where will fingerboarding be next year?

Every other week, FBWeekly will have a question or an article relating to the fingerboarding scene where readers will be encouraged to bring up their opinions, thoughts and concerns on the subject. Furthermore, feel free to post any related questions or questions/topics you would like to be discussed in the future.

To share your opinions on the subject, you will need to post using a google account. Sign up for a google account at https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount

Remember, parents and children visit this site, so please keep the language appropriate!

This week's subject: What changes do you foresee coming to the global fingerboarding scene in the next year?


14 October 2009

Hey look

Two of my favorite things, fingerboarding, and Asian stuff!
Elias is pretty cool too.

2Finga Rabatt Fingerskateboard Cinem - Issue 3 - Berlin Issue

featuring Elias Assmuth, Harald Schön, Markus Schmidinger

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13 October 2009

Tutorial: Setting up your Shots Part 1

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International fingerboard community at VK.COM

Do you remember my entry about vk.com? I am glad to introduce you fresh community, where you can talk with fingerboarders, advertise your fingerboard-companies, create albums with unlimited disc space, upload unlimited videos, flash applications and you can do it FOR FREE!
  1. Register at vk.cоm
  2. Enter international fingerboard community
  3. Do what you want!
If you want to have moderator's privilegies or have any questions, you can send me e-mail to gabex.home@gmail.com! Please, give the link to this page all your friends who like fingerboarding! Let's make the biggest fingerboard community at vk.com! It's very cool to have all fingerboarders at one place!

Ukrainian community

http://fingerboarding.com.ua/ — ukrainian community. Fingerboarding goes bigger!

11 October 2009

Elias Bangin

I am glad to introduce you vk.com

Hello, dear fingerboarders!
Do you have an account at facebook.com? I want to tell you about vk.com, russian social network also known as vkontakte.ru (russian version). There are a lot of fingerboarders, a lot of fingerboard-communities with many subcsribers (I have a community with about 2000 fingerboarders and my community isn't the biggest). Now vkontakte.ru wants to become an international social network, so if you are interested, please register. Why am I doing it? I want to see you as my friends and I want to win Apple iPod Nano 5G.
So, if you are interested (I am sure that you are interested), please register using this link. Thank you, my friends! Fingerboarding for life!

P.S. I think that I'll translate this video this week.