07 November 2009

Evgeny Starov Video

Hello, guys! I want to show you one of our videos. Rider: Evgeny Starov from Wupper Workshop.

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06 November 2009

Trick-Tips Coming Soon!

FBWeekly will be starting a trick tip section coming soon. Hopefully, we will be able to have some riders post trick tips for tricks that you need to have help on. Feel free to post any tricks that you want a tutorial on in this thread!

P.S. A little self-promotion so you can see I actually fingerboard sometimes :)

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01 November 2009

The Kings of Fingerboarding (Spoiler Poster)

Fingerboard Indonesia and Papan Jari (Indonesian Fingerboarding Website) will held Indonesian 1st annual fingerboard competition. This is the spoiler poster to gain some sponsors from in or outside of Indonesia.

If you are interested in supporting us in any kind of way or even join us in this event, just contact me via email at angga_panda@yahoo.com

Thank you,

Go Fingerboard!

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+Blackriver+ G5 park plaza

Since we first started the BRR G5 park plaza videos when Quentin got his park, we tried to make a new video on the park on each mee-tup we had. This video is finally a conclusion of our "series" : chilling, fun, and friends and that's it.

And steeze too, obviously. Hope you enjoy the French style ! ;)

Direct link.