16 January 2009

happy happy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chris Daniels, he's old.


14 January 2009

Coimbra # 2 photos

In mid August 2008 the Lowpro team made to the city of Coimbra to meet Massera and Loz for a whole day of fingerboard fun!!!
Older material but only recently uploaded all the pics.
Good times...

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13 January 2009

What Video Best Represents You

I was asked this question the other day from a friend. "If you could pick one video that would define you would want to define your legacy as a fingerboarder, what would it be?" I, myself, have made countless of fingerboarding videos, but my Moi Dix Mois mini video. I spent so much time filming and editing, and I really wanted to make the video as perfect as I could. Even though it is obviously not perfect, I feel that this video best represents me as a fingerboarder.

Now I ask you this question! Which video of yourself best represents you as a fingerboarder? Please reply to this article with a link to your video and an explanation!