08 May 2009

An addition to Fast Fingers 12

07 May 2009

Rendezvous 6 Video

Fingerboard Fashion?

While me and Ethan and a few others were sitting at Mikes table setting up new decks and what not after the rvous, Harold (the dirty harry) came and sat down. He too was putting together setups and putting stickers on his ramps. Ethan needed help getting a bearing out or a screw, something like that, and Harold pulled out his fingerboarding box. In it were multiple tools. Usually, you look at someone fb box and they have maybe 2 tools: Closeup tool, and the eye glass tools, but Harold had tons of unique tools for fbing. He began to show us how to use a metal file to make perfect riptape cuts. I dont even remember all the tools he had, but it made me think: Has fingerboaridng become all about accesories? The answer is yes, and it's a good thing.

Think back, back before many of us started fingerboarding. All people had were tech decks, skate grip, and tech deck tools. Thats it, and maybe a lighter to "modify" your tech deck. Now look at the fbing scene. We have regular trucks, wide trucks, rip tape, extra smooth, anchor tape, low pro tape, flatface wheels, duel bearing flatface wheels, nocomply bearing wheels, nocomply duel bearing wheels, oringz, pivot cups, shaped trucks, polished trucks, kingpins... The list goes on.

We all have to realize how spoiled we are. Go back and compare that list to the list i supplied with the tech deck list. It's obviously better. In this case, being spoiled is good in fingerboarding. We all are a bunch of innovating people if we can go from the tech deck list, to the fingerboarding now list. It's something alot of us take for granted. People complaining about how they wish fingerboarding would go back to the old days, are prolly the ones who wanted new products and ideas at the time. We are in a phenomenal place right now for fingerboarding, and we all need to realize this, and stop whining.

In the end, i feel that we all should have a fun time with fingerboarding. Spoil yourself! Spend a little bit of money, or work hard to get those sponsors you want, so you too can make yourself an amazing pimp setup. Whats better, a tech deck with grip tape, raised kicks, and tech deck wheels, or, a homewood fingerboard with extra smooth, flatface g7 wheels, oringz, and kingpins?... Ethan always tells me,"Im having alot more fun with fingerboarding once i started caring about how my setup looked". It's true guys. Try making a good setup. It seriously does increase the fun level on fingerboarding. I made one with my frost, winkler wheels, and rip tape setup. Once you do that first kickflip and see that board spin under you and you see how amazing it looks, youll know what im trying to say to you.

Think about what i said. It may sound like alot, but its not.
-Tim Hurley (will be posting more articles like this from now on)

Hi Adventure #2 results

This past weekend we had over here in Brazil the second Hi Adventure meeting, in Florianópolis. This event was a blast, just like in last year, 3 days of much skateboarding, fingerboarding, barbecue and other things to make anyone happy. We also had a small contest and the final standings were:

1° place: Henrique Matos
2° place: Rafael "Magaiver" Malmegrin

3° place: Oswaldo "Mano"

We are still working on some videos, but here's a preview of what's coming next:

And here's a few pictures by Kona:

You can check www.fingerboardbrasil.com or FFI for more videos and pictures, including the best runs in the contest. As soon we get the rest of the material, we'll be making more videos.

We seriously expect to have some foreing presence next year, so you guys think about the idea. You won't regret. :^*

06 May 2009

Fingerboard Revolution

Check out Taylor Rosenbauer's new media site. The videos are amazing both in quality of video and quality of fingerboarding ^_^. The best part is there are new videos posted every weekday!

Visit the Revolution at http://www.fingerboardrevolution.com/ !

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Fingerboard Meetup Seoul, Korea!

This past week, fingerboarders from South Korea held a fingerboarding event in Seoul. It looks like everyone had a great time, and I hope that there will be many more events in the future!

See some pics of the event check out:

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BRR team rider Julien Klein a.k.a. Kenny video

05 May 2009

Upcoming Fingerboard Events (May 5th)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you on Fingerboarding events that are coming soon. I want everyone to make a good effort to support these people hosting the events by attending if possible!

North America

Homewood/No Comply Huck Jam II

June 20th
Homewood, Illinois

Grindstone Jam 2009
Fargo, ND, USA
July 10th - 11th

Fingerboard Extravaganza 4
July 18th
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Contact info@fbextravaganza.com
More Info: http://fbextravaganza.com

Fingerboard Fiesta

July 18th - 19th
Austin, Texas, USA
Cost: $6
More Info: http://fingerflipinc.com/forum/index.php?topic=35849.0


Fast Fingers 12
May 23rd
Schwarzenbach an der Saale, Germany
More Info: http://www.fast-fingers.com
See this post: http://fbweekly.blogspot.com/2009/05/fast-fingers-12-2nd-fingerboard-world.html

Norwegian Fingerboard Meetup
June 13th
Hamar, Norway
Contact: fingerboard_kontakt@live.com

Weisswurst Ist Jam
July 4th
Munich, Germany
(I think this is the right info, correct me if I am wrong >.<)


Steyr, Austria
November 21st
Cost: 5 Euros
Contact: contest@fingaspeak.at
More Information: http://www.fingaspeak.at

South America

Hi Adventure #2
May 1st - 3rd
Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

1st Argentinian Meetup
June 10th
Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Contact: haxor@maurokss.com
Aim: haxorkss
MSN: mauro.kss@maurokss.com


Harald Schoen's FBWeekly Video

Harry has been one of my favorite fingerboarders for quite some time now. Harry is also one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure to meet :D. He made an amazing video for FBWeekly so check it out!


04 May 2009

Fast Fingers 12 - 2nd FB World Championships

Blackriver Ramps invites you to join the 2nd World Championships in Fingerboarding on May 23rd 2009 in Schwarzenbach an der Saale (Germany).

The complete (german) flyer you´ll find by clicking the picture on the left.
Informations in english you get here: www.fast-fingers.com (they´re working at the english version of the page)

I hope to see a lot of you guys!

At least thx to Chris for giving me an account on here! Hope my english is understandable? XD

If there are any questions, feel free to ask in the comments-section!

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03 May 2009

FBWeekly New Contributors

The FBWeekly team would like to welcome Bastian Stegen and Thomas Hansen as contributors to the blog. Both of them contribute heavily to the fingerboard scene by helping to run the Fingerboard.de website. They are both very respected members of the fingerboarding community and I am very excited to introduce both of them to the blog! FBWeekly's continued mission is to build the global fingerboarding scene. It's amazing to see how such a small object can bring people together as a community.

The FBWeekly team is Andre Coral, Tim Alexiel, Chris Daniels, Tim Hurley, David Auster, Jader Muller, Pietro Maltinti, Paolo Melillo, Bastian Stegen, Thomas Hansen and Fabian Schreiter.

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