08 August 2008

Axe Ramps official Website

SOLOPERAVATAR.jpg axe ramps logo picture by omotigre

Hi guys!
Axe Ramps (an italian ramp company) have now a official website, with lots of section and Photos!
Enjoy it!



06 August 2008

1° Brazilian Contest - Results

The first brazilian contest happened during August 2nd and 3rd at the Hi Adventure hostel. The final standings were:

1° David Auster
2° Henrique Mattos
3° Fernando Kona

Best Trick: Jader Müller - FS nollie heelflip to fakie nosegrind down ledge

The contest itself was a huuuge success, David Auster just killed in the contest, and everyone had a REALLY great time, we got even the visit of some pro skaters and skateboard company owners. It was like a dream coming true.
More details soon, with pictures and videos.

The Park

Some prizes

From left to right: David Auster, Jader Müller, Fernando "Kona", Henrique Mattos, Rafa Webber and Mano.

05 August 2008

Team News

Some exciting news! Congratulations to Pat McGinn and Maggie N. on their recent flow sponsorship to BlackRiver Ramps ! Pat and Maggie both are great fingerboarders and contributors to the American fingerboarding scene, and will be great additions to BRR. If you don't already know, BlackRiver Ramps contributes a lot to the fingerboarding scene, and make great products as well (check out the new rails!). It's a pretty big deal to be affiliated with them!

03 August 2008

New BRR Rails and FFRC Website

BlackRiver Ramps has a bunch of new rails in stock. My personal favorites are the Round Rainbow Rail and the Square Kink Rail!

Fast Fingers Ramp Co's website is up and running!
I am a fan of FFRC after I purchased one of their prototypes on Ebay for a very reasonable price. There is a lot of controversy surrounding FFRC at the moment, and I don't believe that it is fair. Be prepared for a review soon!

Rendezvouz @ Casa da Musica in Portugal

Well guys, yesterday in Oporto, was held the Rendezvouz @ Casa da Musica.

A meeting of enthusiasts that was unique in the sense that gathered 2 parts of the portuguese scene, the North and the South in one one comon place.
A comon event.

This event was more than anything else a celebration of love for fingerboarding. Held outside that music hall imagined by the dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.
There were no prizes or oficial competitions, just a lot of ramps, a great venue, great weather and a lot of people loving fingerboarding.

Guys like Massera, Gonçalo and Rafa were within the riders that attended the venue, we all learned and fell in love watching them.
Learning and fun was what all of this was about.

Philipe from Yellowood stood up to the challenge and together with elements from Lowpro like me and Gil constructed the grounds for what was considered by many the best meeting of fingerboard in Portugal yet!

Proving that the Portuguese scene this summer is blasting!