27 March 2009

Kaiju Box Battle!

FBWeekly Presents...
The First Kaiju Box Battle Online Contest!
Entries due by April 11th at 11:59 PM.

How to Enter the Contest:
Step 1) Film a your best trick on a single grindbox obstacle (ledge, box, book, etc.)
Step 2) Show the trick in real-time and in slow-motion in the video.
Step 3) Pay the $1 entrance fee to mangkyosharingan@aol.com using Paypal. (Be sure to include your name!)
Step 4) Email your entry to fbweekly@gmail.com (be sure to include the link to the video, as well as your name).

- Single Trick/Combo on a Grindbox.
- One trick per entry. Multiple tricks will result in disqualification.
- Only tricks performed on a single box obstacle will be allowed.
- Multiple obstacles will result in disqualification.
- Tricks must be shown twice. Once in real-time. Then once in slowmotion.

Sponsors: Berlinwood, LowPro, Yellowood, Flatface, and CloseUp

Be sure to have fun! Pictures of the prizes will be shown in the near future.

P.S. If you can speak other languages besides english can you please translate the rules and post it on your forum!

Thanks to Andre Coral for making the sweet flyer <3!

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Elias Assmuth G6 Park Footy


25 March 2009

Rendezvous 6 BRR Park Pics!

Here are the pictures of the custom-made BlackRiver Ramps park made for the Rendezvous 6. I love how creative the whole park is. My jaw is still on the floor! I can't wait until April 18th!

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24 March 2009

California Progression

My friend Nick Allen, who is OG, is hosting a fingerboard meetup in Hanford, California on March 28th! Blackriver Ramps donated a G6 Park specifically for the event!!!! If you are in the area you should definitely check it out!

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BlackRiver USA Tour!

Blackriver Goes USA...
World premiere: 1. Fingerboard Team on US Tour!!

The US Fingerboard scene can look forward to the first Blackriver fingerboard US tour. It took a while, but also Rome wasn't built in a day ;-)

On our US tour we also visit the 6th Fingerboard Rendezvous hosted by our team rider Mike Schneider and his family in Andover, MA on the 18th April. Fingerboard Rendezvous became the biggest and most popular event for the US fingerboard scene.

Thanks a bunch to Mike and his family for their engagement and their great work.

More info about the Rendezvous Contest is available at Mike website: www.flatfacefingerboards.com

Here are our tour-stops:

15th - 19rd April: Andover - meet the team at Mike Schneider's Fingerboard Rendezvous VI
20th - 23rd April: Run amok in New York City
24th - 26th April: Philadelphia (Phillyside Skatepark)

If you know any cool skate shops, skate - and fingerboard spots or other highlights in this region let us know.

Crew on board:

Elias Assmuth
Boris Dietschi
Martin Ehrenberger
Thomas Hansen
Denise Hermann
Nic Herzog
Timo Lieben
Manu Oberle
Markus Schmidinger
Fabian Schreiter
Choi Yee Yau
Martin Winkler


23 March 2009

We Own the Sky

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22 March 2009

Tim Alexiel vs BRR glass curb