07 June 2008

The results are in...

And the winners for the second annual FFI rail jam are.....

1st: Taylor Rosenbauer
2nd: Chris Daniels
3rd: Mike Schneider
4th: Tim Hurley
5th: Taylor Lucas
6th: David Lyrio Auster
7th: Matt Lieber
8th: Andrew Bowman
9th: Guillaume Ouellet
10th: tobias phieler
11th: Rodrigo Rossi
12th: Tim Zagrebelny
13th: Jader M�ller dos Santos
15th: tim alexiel
16th: Ethan Ebeling/Edgar Vargas
17th: Dimitar Krasimirov Kanev
18th: Philipp Reinhard
19th: Brody Davis
20th: Jay Linehan/Martin Beckmann
21st: Vinny Germade
22nd: Ben Beebe / Aaron Kuppin
23rd: Harald Sch�n
24th: Julien Radiu
25th: Daniel Durku / Tobias Engelhardt
26th: Nick pearson
27th: Peter Ringel
28th: Zahari Tsonkov
29th: Justin Rodriguez
30th: Erik Vehmeyer
31st: Ramon Angelow
33rd: Jeremy Forget
34th: Rafael Costa
35th: Kyran Barry
36th: Rafael Malmegrin
37th: Chad Spradlin
38th: Shane Young
39th: Kyle Seis / julien macaluso
40th: Maggie Nadeau
41st: Nico Frank
42nd: Alan dos Anjos Teixeira
43rd: LAUPIES Thomas
44th: Eddie Sharples
45th: Daniele Comuzzi
46th: Brandon Sentnor / Giovanny Mendez
47th: Filipe Caba�a Rodrigues
48th: Vebjoern Pedersen
49th: Jake Hart/ Tim Dufour
50th: Dan Cordero
51st: John Friedl
52nd: Marc Carrillo
53rd: Tom Phillips

Well done to ALL who entered the standard was so high this year.

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05 June 2008

CloseUp Auctioning Decks!

Emmanuel Lavaux from CloseUp Fingerboards is selling complete fingerboards with the proceeds going to help Martin and Tina from the bandwidth expense caused by the FFI Rail Jam contest! Thank you!


Click the link and start buying!

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02 June 2008

FFI Rail Jam Results Postponed

The FFI Rail Jam results have been postponed due to an AWOL judge. Hopefully, the results will be released on June 3rd.

In a related story, the bandwidth for the FFI Rail Jam site had been exceeded by a large amount resulting in a hefty £200+ fine. The entry fees alone were not enough to pay the cost of shipping the prizes, and now with a fine incurred, winners will have to pay the cost of their own shipping. I, along with a few other people, have donated money to Tina to help alleviate the cost, and I encourage everyone to try to do the same. If everyone donates a little bit towards the cost of shipping, there will be some excess for which we use to help pay for future contests. Tina and Martin should not have to pay out of their own pockets to make these great contests happen.

Paypal donations go to: martinillsley@yahoo.co.uk

Please consider making a donation no matter how small. Every little bit helps!

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