30 August 2008

Switch- Outside with Peter Ringel

Peter Ringel, in addition to being the owner/maker of Prete fingerboards is a great fingerboarder with a nice style, no matter how modest he is about it. Enjoy!

Switch FB Vlog Video - Peter Ringel from Petrum on Vimeo.

29 August 2008

Sorbara Fingerskate Jam

I'm back from Holidays, and i bring you a fantastic video of the Sorbara Fingerskate Jam in Sorbara (MO), an italian Fingerboard Meeting sponsored by Hikikomori and Funky Trucks.
As you can see, great fun and great fingerboarding! And Great Fingerboarders too: Dario Marchini (Hikikomori's Owner) and Davide Mari (Funky Trucks' Owner) were here!

Hope you'll like the video


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27 August 2008

Fingerboard.de Interview with Chris Daniels

Manu Oberle just posted an interview with me on http://fingerboard.de/ ! The focus is on the blog and the future goals of it! Thank you a bunch Manu for the interview!

Full Interview - http://www.fingerboard.de/?page_id=241

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Chris Daniels Mini

26 August 2008

Tricks Named After Fingerboarders?

After not posting for a long time, i'm back and are going to be posting more frequently.

I've been thinking alot and watching alot of videos lately, and noticed some people, like Taylor Lucas, giving certain tricks the names of certain fingerboarders. Here they are:

A Chris Daniels: Nollie flip sex change revert or any trick including a varial.
An Ethan Ebeling: Any trick having to do with an impossible.
A Darkwood: Sw/Nollie fs bigspin

I have thought of a few on my own, and these are granted not to be as good, but...:

A Maggie: Doing a trick with your tounge out.
A Jader/Phils: Tucking your fingers to the max.
A Taylor Rosenbauer: Landing a trick with the signature head bob.
A Jay Linehan: Whenever you film a line with really good angles.
An Alex McMillan: Nollie tre/landing on fingertips.
A Mike Schneider: Getting a big package of BRR in the mail. Just kidding.

Use these from now on to enhance your fingerboarding conversations hahha.

25 August 2008

Name Change (Again)

I decided to change the name from ZEN back to Fingerboard Weekly for a few reasons. The main reason is that the name ZEN really doesn't capture what this blog is about, which is Fingerboarding. I also noticed there was a big drop in the amount of people visiting the site as well. I also decided to change the layout. Hope you guys like the new layout template.

I will be busy with work and packing up to move to my apartment 300 miles away this next week, so there may be a lull in updates. Anyways, I got a bunch of product reviews I am in the midst of writing to keep everyone occupied!

Among the items I'll be reviewing are BRR Iron Rainbow Rail, BRR Stair Setup w/Rail, Berlin Wood Deep, Flatface G7 Wheels, and an FFRC Funbox!

24 August 2008

Fabi Mini

Recently, everyone seems to have forgotten why they fingerboard.. Fighting and being genuine jerks to each other is the main interest of people right now.. Well Fabi has a message to say to you!