25 June 2009

Worldwide fingerboard

From riders Sandi & Mitja

From rider Juan

All great people I´ve had the chance to meet online.

23 June 2009

Blackriver Welcomes Dimitri Schlothauer

21 June 2009

Seen on FB Weekly First...

I was bored and decided to design a something for a shirt. At the rvous, i saw a shirt with Berlin Wood and BRR combined on Harry, so i wanted to make a shirt with both of my sponsors, since they work together; Flatface and BRR. Here it is! Mike, or Martin, if you want to sell these pleas contact me!

Additional info for the Hit the Line contest


PDF file of the flyer :www.megaupload.com/?d=NESQO0FX

André Coral (Lowpro)
Phillipe de Goyri (Yellowood)

Guest Judges
Jerome Verony (Substance)
Katharina "Katha" Schütz (Fingerboardstore.de)

To Enter:
Send your video to HITTHELINE@gmail.com
1 - Your Name
2 - Where you are from & your address to send the prizes to
3 - Your trick list

You can either send your video as:
1 - a youtube/ vimeo/ etc link
2 - the file itself sent by email

Now GO FILM, your submission date starts tomorrow and finishes at the 6th of July
We only accept submissions sent to our email address.

In the end a video will be made with the top 10 submissions, this will be the way that the winners will be announced.

i have been getting a lot of questions by a lot of people, which the answers to all of those ARE WITHIN the flyer.
READ THE FLYER carefully.
It is only 3 tricks.
It is MINIMUM 1 trick in 1 obstacles
And most importantly the realism aspect counts not only on the tricks chosen but a lot in how fluently yo perform them - ex. if you make a trick STOP make another trick STOP and make another one, that is not realistic at all.
A line is supposed to be made in .... a line of tricks. from point A to B. ( yes you can use a kicker or a quarter to change the direction in the middle of the line)

Advise: watch skateboarding film in urban environments.

Have fun guys.