18 September 2009

Pop Factory Grand Opening 9/19!

Pop Factory, the first fingerboard store in the USA, is opening up tomorrow September 9th! The grand opening is featuring a demo by riders from around the USA, including Justin Rodriguez, Ed Garner, Lauren Mok and Scott Saier. This is a huge step for the American fingerboard scene, as it will provide a meeting place for fingerboarders in the midwest! Huge props to NoComply owner Todd Cuzort, because he is the huge moving force behind getting Pop Factory opened!

More info: http://fingerflipinc.com/forum/index.php?topic=48801.0

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Fingerboarding.cz session

The Prague contest this year showed us all "eastern Europe" is the place to be when one wants to see fingerboarding evolve faster than a comet.

As soon as i have more information in english i will post it here!

Happy fingerboarding!!!

14 September 2009

New Layout!

After working incessantly over the past few weeks, I am proud to present to everyone the new and much improved FBWeekly.com!

As you can see, the site is much more dynamic layout. Some new features include a "Featured Video" which will host a fingerboarding video which we find to be cool, as well as a "Featured Content Slider". I hope you enjoy the easier to navigate, and easier to read layout!

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Recently, there have been multiple posts expressing concern over a variety of things including discontent of the direction FBWeekly is going. While I have not been actively posting recently, I can assure you that there are going to be many changes in the near future that will enhance the reader's experience on FBWeekly.

First, I must address the subject matter of posts by people on our comments section. There is no problem with people posting their opinions on FBWeekly in the comments section. In fact, I encourage everyone to do so. The only posts I have deleted are posts that include lewd content or swearing. These types of comments are NOT okay. This blog is frequented by many younger members of the fingerboard community. So please keep the cursing to yourself.

Second, it is acceptable to post any opinions you may have on an issue. I allowed anonymous posting for a reason. Just try to base your post on facts rather than on feelings.

We can all make contributions to the fingerboard scene in order to make it a better experience for all. So let's contribute positively to the scene rather than negative (constructive criticism and expressing concerns are positive contributions to the scene, however fingerpointing, bickering and name-calling is not).

13 September 2009

Harriers now in stock on fingerboardstore.de!

Yep, here is your chance to get one of the most creative and fun obstacles out now! Head on over to Fingerboardstore.de to get one. I suggest the big Harrier and the wally curb combo, they are my favorites, but all are really great.