21 July 2009

The Beginning

My mom sent me to a swim camp at Stanford University when I was about 11 years old. I really did not care to be at that camp, because I was not all that interested in swimming at the time. However, attending this camp would forever change my own life. As I was in the cafeteria eating lunch, one of the camp-goers that I had befriended pulled out a miniature skateboard toy and was pretending to do tricks. I thought it looked pretty cool, and asked if he had anymore, which he did and gave me one for $3. From that point on, I was hooked.

During middle-school it seemed like everyone fingerboarded. During lunch, my friends and I would try to replicate tricks from the latest 411vm we watched. Fingerboarding for me has always been much more fun as a social activity than an individual activity. Throughout my time fingerboarding I have always had friends around me who fingerboard as well. Some of them started fingerboarding on their own, others started because I got them into it.

I'd like to hear your own relationship with fingerboarding. Why did you start fingerboarding? How did you get introduced to the hobby?