25 September 2009


I was browsing Youtube and stumbled upon this cool interview/advert with Damien from Close-up and Alexis Milant.

23 September 2009

Nic Herzog

Is the best fingerboarder in the world, if you ask me!

Fingerboarding goes "TV commercial"

Manu Oberle wrote a few words about a Trip to Turkey for a tv-commercial featuring fingerboarding a few days ago. I translated the text and took a few pictures from Martin´s Flickr account ;-)

If i remember correctly a youtube link for the spot was posted here back then. Whoever finds the link, please post it in the comments. Thanks

Istanbul 2009

In the beginning of 2009 Elias Assmuth was invited to Istanbul in Turkey starring in a TV advertisement for chocolate-products.

A fingerbiker from Turkey and an extremely skilled fingerbreakdancing girl from Israel were also filming a spot for the same company. Beside breakdancing she also showed fingersoccer tricks.

Together with a filmcrew and myself (Manu Oberle) Istanbul and the „fingerboardspots“ for the clips were explored a whole week long.

The actual filming took place in the Studios the last day and throughout the night.

Of cause we had enough time for typical tourist stuff including a culinary routine eating kebap every day.

We found a few skateboardspots in the city and took home a few good pictures and clips.

Istanbul, hell amok!

PS: They drive like maniacs in Istanbul!

Manu Oberle

More pictures can be found here

22 September 2009

Japan Fingerboard Bearing Wheels

Check out these fingerboard wheels from Japan! I was surfing through the Yubisk8 fingerboard blog and saw this post. Bearing wheels! They look great :D Check out some other Japanese fingerboard products here.

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21 September 2009

ASI Berlin #4

Well, the results are in;

1 Elias Assmuth
2 Dimitri Schlotthauer
3 Daniel Zeise
4 Ramon Angelow
5 Harry
6 Schmidi
7 Thomas Hansen
8 Daniel Durku
9 Lucas Lipowec
10 Thomas Buchinger

11 Max von Nolting
12 Raphael Ridder
13 Jeldo Ulpts
14 Wille
15 Felix Lang
16 Göran Wisniewski
17 Jonas Maier
18 Nikolai Sachs
19 Katharina Schütz
20 Lukas Galos
21 Floh Kitzmüller
22 Enriko Winkler
23 Sheryl Ann Hartmann
24 David Wagner
25 Adrian Witzel
26 Vincent Heppner
27 David Baudach
28 Tim Teichert
29 Nico Frank
30 Nils Förster
31 Gene Senges
32 Marcel Butschke
33 Dario Eßer
34 Jorge Sanchez
35 Robin Müller
36 Oliver Ewest
37 Marc S.
38 Alex Karg
39 Julian Phlpp (?)
40 Oliver Blankenburg
41 Vital Demeyre
42 Pierre Schmidt
43 Jan Schwetz
44 Marlon George
45 Oskar Schoen
46 Michael Hoffmann
47 Max Obert
48 Monne Kampen
49 Christian Rohrer
50 Andi Stoner
51 Choi
52 Luis Koch
53 Nollie
54 Felix Wagenitz
55 Tim Schößler
56 Petrit Gashi
57 Markus Heinrich
58 Burgo
59 Thilo Reitel
60 Jan Rost
61 Philipp Müller
62 Jan-Ole Minners
63 Patrick Nicolei
64 Tim Tetzmann
65 Julian Mc Carty
66 Finn Rechenburg
67 Nico Gummelt
68 Frederic Seifert
69 Dominik Drechsel
70 Darvin Boris
71 Konstantin Schulze
72 Spyros Kalantiz
73 Patrick Seidokat
74 Luigi Christofaro
75 Marco Contreras

As well as two videos of the event!

Four friends in Wunsiedel

A few weeks (or months) ago Chris Daniels posted an article written by Chris Deso about his trip together with his friends and teammembers Doug, Andrew and Mike over the „big pond“ to Europe, Germany for FastFingers 12!

During their stay they visited a small village in Bavaria called „Wunsiedel“

Martin took a few pictures that i would like to show here.

This is not ment to be a „germany“- or a „flatface“-overload.

Just look at it as four dedicated fingerboarders visiting a unique place for fingerboarding.

In Wunsiedel Flo created a wonderland having a house with a castle moat and a nice skateboardminiramp. The Trampoline you might remember from an older article here on fb-weekly is also at Flo´s place. Flo is not a rich person, he just put years of work into his house and gardens. He is a maniac and has more energy than any other person i know. He is an artist and i guess because everything he does has a artistic touch he is so dedicated getting things done. He is also the sculptor behind the 2 tons stone fingerboardpark and is currently planning a new park.

His piece of land next to the house is a closed stone pit. Over the years the stone pit has transformed itself into a huge lake with a small island.

This is the perfect place to wind down when everyday life hassles the Hoff ! :-D

Basically this is ten times better than Michael Jackson´s Neverland Ranch and Las Vegas combined since fingerboarding and skateboarding is involved 24/7 and noone has to sleep in oxygen-tents.

This location is hosting a huge party every year and in 2009 we were lucky having the ten years BRR party here as well.

Flatface in Wunsiedel pictures: here!

Party in Wunsiedel pictures: here!

I am sure a lot of people have their own fingerboard wonderlands and it would be inspiring to see some of them here on fb weekly. If you have pictures and a story of your own (secret) fingerboard eldorado you can contact me hanzlow@web.de and i will take a look at it.

This requires your help, since i only can write about things i see, read, hear and/or witness myself.

In my case it almost always has to do with something with BRR and periphery.

And since i live in Europe i can´t write about what is going on in Japan, in Peru or across the atlantic sea without your help.

So please help us make fb weekly more diversified. Contribute if you can !