23 September 2009

Fingerboarding goes "TV commercial"

Manu Oberle wrote a few words about a Trip to Turkey for a tv-commercial featuring fingerboarding a few days ago. I translated the text and took a few pictures from Martin´s Flickr account ;-)

If i remember correctly a youtube link for the spot was posted here back then. Whoever finds the link, please post it in the comments. Thanks

Istanbul 2009

In the beginning of 2009 Elias Assmuth was invited to Istanbul in Turkey starring in a TV advertisement for chocolate-products.

A fingerbiker from Turkey and an extremely skilled fingerbreakdancing girl from Israel were also filming a spot for the same company. Beside breakdancing she also showed fingersoccer tricks.

Together with a filmcrew and myself (Manu Oberle) Istanbul and the „fingerboardspots“ for the clips were explored a whole week long.

The actual filming took place in the Studios the last day and throughout the night.

Of cause we had enough time for typical tourist stuff including a culinary routine eating kebap every day.

We found a few skateboardspots in the city and took home a few good pictures and clips.

Istanbul, hell amok!

PS: They drive like maniacs in Istanbul!

Manu Oberle

More pictures can be found here


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