08 September 2009


There is no room for haters in fingerboarding, quite frankly it's annoying and no one likes it. If you can't think of something constructive to say then please, do the world a favor and keep your mouth shut!

One of my biggest problems with the American scene, is that no one can be happy for anyone else. It's always about who is better than who, he must be rich or spoiled because he has this product, this product sucks, this one is better, it's annoying, just shut up and fingerboard already.

While the Blackriver team was over here for Rendezvous, I saw that fingerboarding was just about having a good time hanging out with your friends, it was a nice feeling. When I got home after it was all over, I was looking around the FFI forum and I hated it. Nearly every person on there has to bitch and whine about something or someone. My advice, grow up, get over it, and just go have some fun, don't waste time on stupid crap, that's not what fingerboarding, or skateboarding is about.

Please, No Haters Here!!!
thank you and goodnight!


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