08 July 2008

Hi Adventure - Brazilian National Contest News!

It seems that kona (OK ramps owner) is really mad and doing something really massive that will impress everybody... he just showed some pics at brazilian forum that amazed me:
The first obstacle is a crazy concrete bowl.

The park is not finished yet but with that pic of the " ground piece" of the park we can see more or less the size of the beast:
That small blurry black point in the middle of the blank wood is a fingerboard !!!

Ill post more pics as soon as he show us what hes making but for now you can checkout OK ramps site that is pretty cool: http://www.okfingerboard.com.br/


Quick news:
Lots of stuff going on to keep track of in the scene.

From Fingerboard.de

Looks like another contest in Europe, this time in Hannover, Germany on July 10th. Entrance fee is 5 euro.

The Weiss Wurst Jam just recently happened. I'll try to find some information/pics about how that went, but it will be hard since I'm in China at the moment.

In France, there was the Tech Deck Finger Sk8 Tour at the famous skatepark in Marseille. Although I don't have any pics/footy from that event, I do have a related video here: