08 September 2009


There is no room for haters in fingerboarding, quite frankly it's annoying and no one likes it. If you can't think of something constructive to say then please, do the world a favor and keep your mouth shut!

One of my biggest problems with the American scene, is that no one can be happy for anyone else. It's always about who is better than who, he must be rich or spoiled because he has this product, this product sucks, this one is better, it's annoying, just shut up and fingerboard already.

While the Blackriver team was over here for Rendezvous, I saw that fingerboarding was just about having a good time hanging out with your friends, it was a nice feeling. When I got home after it was all over, I was looking around the FFI forum and I hated it. Nearly every person on there has to bitch and whine about something or someone. My advice, grow up, get over it, and just go have some fun, don't waste time on stupid crap, that's not what fingerboarding, or skateboarding is about.

Please, No Haters Here!!!
thank you and goodnight!

07 September 2009

A.S.I Berlin Reminder!

Mr. Timo Kranz is hosting the 4th annual ASI contest in Berlin on September 19th! By the way, if you couldn't tell these sick flyers that were made by and photographed NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.


Hit the Line Final Standings

First and foremost i want to thank all the 550 people that participated.

Hit the Line was a tremendous success with people from 33 different countries participating we felt that it was a great way for everyone to have fun with fingerboarding while improving line skills.
Most participation had a certain energy to it, a certain fun.
We thank everyone for that.

So here it is, the [b]FINAL COUNTDOWN OF THE FIRST 10 LINES.[/b]

From the 550 entries 270 where actual lines and fulfilled the requisites we asked for, passing to the judging stage.
The juri was myself, Philippe de Goyri, Katha & Jerome.
All 4 judged all 295 entries. Graded them in Style, Realism, Difficulty and Originality.

Percentage of importance
Style 35 %
Realism 35 %
Difficulty 15 %
Originality 15 %

With this percentage each judge gave total to each line.
The winners were found using a final calculation of adding all the 4 judging sheet totals to get the final average.

The final totals, and here they are.
[b]The Final Standings of the 295 qualified lines, together with the riders name and link to their video.[/b]


(find you name by opening the PDF with Acrobat reader, press Ctrl+ F, type your name and check if your there)
I made this like this in order for most people to see their grade and not just announcing the winners.

As a last note, Lowpro & Yellowood would like, again, to thank everybody for making this such a special event and also apologize for having so much time to determine the winners.

[b]The 3 winners should send their home addresses do Hittheline@gmail.com in order to get the prizes [/b] :dance:

06 September 2009


We need to laugh so...
Here´s something you never expected to see together!

Japanese Skateboard Keychains.

Look what I found while perusing the Yubisk8 Fingerboard Blog. Cool!


5 Full-Length Videos Every Fingerboard Should See

Vegas "Form of Sin" - Gives a perspective how far the American fingerboarding scene has gone in 6 years.

Flatface DVD - An example of how crazy fingerboarding is now!
Pissing Fingers 1 +2 - Just watching Martin Winkler's part alone is worth it. The rest of the video makes it even better!
Fingers of Fury + Flying Fingers - The original full-length fingerboard videos.
Get a Life! A Fingerboard Documentation - Fabi's wonderful new fingerboard documentary. It is the best video to truly show what fingerboarding is to a person who doesn't understand it. Especially beautiful for those of use who love fingerboarding.

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Hit the Line news and Lowpro video

The Final Standings of the first Hit the Line contest will be posted tomorow, Monday the 7th.

Until then I´ll leave you with another Lowpro test video.