24 October 2008


Lately I have been seeing alot of hate in the direction of Blackriver-ramps and Berlinwood. I know there are alot of good up and coming companies out there that people would like to think are better than BRR and BW, due to whatever reason, but alot of people are forgetting that without BRR and BW fingerboarding as it is today would not exist. These two companies showed people that the quality of fingerboarding products could exist at a professional level. I know every ramp or deck maker out there has been inspired by these two companies to create a rival product that could match or possibly exceed the quality or BRR and BW, but as of late some of the reviews just seem like straight out hate. 
People need to understand, that, just because a product doesnt improve their performance, or they feel the product to be overpriced, doesn't mean that product sucks.  Things such as quality checks for BRR and BW products are not necessary, the quality of their products rarely changes, things such as these would be useful for a company who's products are known to be poor and said to have improved. 
This, however, is just a rant. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just suggest you take a minute to think about where all the inspiration for new and improved products has come from. 

19 October 2008

Extra Extra! Hikikomori Fingerboards Closed

Yes, you read right, the announce has just came out on the official italian forum, some minutes before i write these sad news... Hikikomori Fingerboards, great italian deck company, is officially closed.

The owner doesn't released so many particulars, but the announce it's shocking since there was rumors about new entries on the team and projects for a full lenght, which was supposed to leave a big mark on the italian scene...

The official site (hikikomorifingerboards.weebly.com) remains still alive, and several decks are still on sale, those are really, really rare goods.

Really hoping one day Dario-San would change his mind... Let's get honor to the big D, Arigatooo!

(page of the official announce: http://finger-skate.forumfree.net/?t=33348388)