07 June 2008

The results are in...

And the winners for the second annual FFI rail jam are.....

1st: Taylor Rosenbauer
2nd: Chris Daniels
3rd: Mike Schneider
4th: Tim Hurley
5th: Taylor Lucas
6th: David Lyrio Auster
7th: Matt Lieber
8th: Andrew Bowman
9th: Guillaume Ouellet
10th: tobias phieler
11th: Rodrigo Rossi
12th: Tim Zagrebelny
13th: Jader M�ller dos Santos
15th: tim alexiel
16th: Ethan Ebeling/Edgar Vargas
17th: Dimitar Krasimirov Kanev
18th: Philipp Reinhard
19th: Brody Davis
20th: Jay Linehan/Martin Beckmann
21st: Vinny Germade
22nd: Ben Beebe / Aaron Kuppin
23rd: Harald Sch�n
24th: Julien Radiu
25th: Daniel Durku / Tobias Engelhardt
26th: Nick pearson
27th: Peter Ringel
28th: Zahari Tsonkov
29th: Justin Rodriguez
30th: Erik Vehmeyer
31st: Ramon Angelow
33rd: Jeremy Forget
34th: Rafael Costa
35th: Kyran Barry
36th: Rafael Malmegrin
37th: Chad Spradlin
38th: Shane Young
39th: Kyle Seis / julien macaluso
40th: Maggie Nadeau
41st: Nico Frank
42nd: Alan dos Anjos Teixeira
43rd: LAUPIES Thomas
44th: Eddie Sharples
45th: Daniele Comuzzi
46th: Brandon Sentnor / Giovanny Mendez
47th: Filipe Caba�a Rodrigues
48th: Vebjoern Pedersen
49th: Jake Hart/ Tim Dufour
50th: Dan Cordero
51st: John Friedl
52nd: Marc Carrillo
53rd: Tom Phillips

Well done to ALL who entered the standard was so high this year.

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