26 May 2008

Team Changes

Some team changes as of late. Tim Alexiel has jumped from Summit Hardware to Arctic, Shane Young has been added to the roster over at Anchor Grip, as well as Ben Mullen.
In other news, Portuguese deck company Yellowood is officially open for business, you can buy products at www.yellowoodstore.com
although they are currently sold out at the moment, expect a restock sometime in the near future.
Entries have officially been closed for the second annual Finger Flip Inc. Rail Jam, expect to see the winners posted June 1st.
All of the entries were sick, good luck to all competitors.
Be on the lookout for the new Make Believe Marble ledge, it looks sick.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that ledge is sick, when r u selling them?

April 28, 2009 at 2:12 PM  

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