14 May 2008

Interview: Gary Chin!

Here is an old interview of Gary Chin from about 6 or 7 months ago.

Gary Chin interview by Chris Daniels

Q: When did Mr. Gary start fingerboarding?

A: Mister Gary has been fingerboarding for three years now, I started December of... 2004? Yeah, 2004.

Q: Can you plz list your sponsors? If you forget one SHAME on you!

A:lol Addict Grip (seriously I am addicted, so good, grip lasts so long too), New York Marble (soon to get a bench, they look so good though), Flatface Decks (OMG)

Q: So outside of fingerboarding, what are some of your other interests? (GUITAR HEROZ)

A: Whoa, a lot man

Filming skateboarding, making films, photography, guitar, GUITAR HEROZ, Dance Dance Revolution, guitar, guitar, I said guitar already didn't I, cycling (love it, favorite sport of all), a bit of handboarding

Q: What is your underlying drive to keep fingerboarding? In otherwords, is there something about fingerboarding that you enjoy that makes you keep doing it?

A: Well, I keep fingerboarding mostly because of the friends I've made doing it, if it wasn't for my friends, I probably wouldn't even be doing it now. I have always been inspired by people like Chris Daniels (you) and have a reason to keep going. Also, there's nothing like getting an awesome trick on film. (good answer <3>

Q: Any advice for those who are new to the scene?

A: Keep working at it. Make some friends while fingerboarding, it makes the experience so much more fun. Also, visit http://www.youtube.com/weakfingers for inspiration (haha) and trick tips that I frequently post. Also, fingerboarding can be frustrating, so make sure you film your tricks, when you land it it'll be all worth it 

Q: How different is the current fingerboard scene from the scene when you first started fingerboarding?

A: The scene back in 2004-2005 was actually pretty good. Techdeck.com actually had decent people going to the forums. I could post videos and then eventually I expanded into FFI. I feel sorry for the guys who go to techdeck.com nowadays, because that place has gone to hell. Sometimes you can find new talent there though. Also, the friends I made at techdeck.com are now guys who go to FFI, so it really was an awesome experience when I started fingerboarding. Sorry for going so far off topic.


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