11 May 2008


My goal in creating this blog is to create a place where people can get a quick and detailed picture of the latest news in the fingerboard scene. Also, I hope to have multiple people provide articles, interviews and trick tips to share with the rest of the community.

Featured video: David Auster tears it up with a new Berlinwood.

Some News:

FFI Rail Jam #2 starts in 1 day!!! Last year's Rail Jam turned out to be a great success, and from the looks of things this year will be even better. FFI Rail Jam #1 had contestants participate from a wide-range of locations including Germany, US, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy, Brazil, Poland, and that's just the contestants I could remember off the top of my head! With enough prizes for the top 15 finishers, this years Rail Jam will not only be larger, but also more widespread! I am sure there will be some amazing entries. Start filming!

The prize for 1st is incredible.. 

Mike Schneider announced the official date for Rendezvous 4. Head on over to Andover, Massachusetts July 12th if you want to attend the biggest gathering of fingerboarders in the United States!
More information at here!

Fast Fingers 11 is coming up fast! Be prepared to experience the best finger-boarders from around the world duke it out on May 24th! This year it is located in Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany!

Team News/Changes:
FlatFace is coming out with their team video shortly. From the looks of the team, the video should be absolutely insane.
Tim Hurley has joined Arctic Hardware. Tim rips, so be on the look out for him!
Nollie Wheels has announced they have new opaque bearing wheels AND new 1.6 mm diameter bearings (they fit normal screws)! Buy them here!
Substance Wheels announced they will be closed for a short time.
Flatface is selling BlackRiver Ramps again!
Homewood announced their 2nd video titled Happy Hour 2!

Contact me through email  or AIM: cdplaya0 if you have anything to contribute =)

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