22 May 2008

Rail Jam Update

 Rail Jam News

The Rail Jam deadline is within sight! At the moment, 17 people have submitted their entries, and over 60 people have registered. So far, the submissions have set the bar very high. Tim Hurley's Nollie 360flip B/S Nosegrind Nollie Kickflip out was smooooooth and his Nollie F/S Tailslide Hardflip Late Revert out was ridiculous! The Nollie F/S Tailslide 360flip by Andrew Bowman, 360flip B/S 5050 kickflip roll thingey 5050 180 by Mike Schneider and Jay Linehan's Polejam tricks all stood out to me. 

With more entries sure to pour in at the last moment, it certainly will be a fight to the end.

My own Rail Jam entry is nearing completion. I feel it has some of the most difficult and smooth tricks I have done, so I am feeling pretty excited to get it complete. I do feel, however, that I am not yet done. I am going to film one more trick tomorrow night and hopefully upload it Thursday morning.

Tim Hurley released a mini video.

So good.. Lol at the anger though :)

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