14 May 2008

FFI Rail Jam Preview

(The fight for the top prize will be intense.)

With the FFI Rail Jam well underway, I have decided to write some of my thoughts on some of the competitors I expect to place well.

Eric Smith - (1st) As defending champion of the last Rail Jam, Eric has a target on his back for this years rail jam. Eric performs super creative tricks which he executes flawlessly, and it will be tough for the other competitors to dethrone him. Eric hasn't released any footage in the past three months, but hopefully he is saving up for the Rail Jam.

Taylor Lucas - (2nd) Last year, Taylor proved he is one of the elite fingerboarders in the world by taking 2nd place. If it wasn't for Eric's fingerboard perfection, Taylor would have had the target placed on his back. Taylor performs super difficult tricks with a very clean style.

Nic Herzog - (3rd) Nic's video was the most visually stunning of the lot last year. I was actually surprised when Nic placed third, as I had thought he was going to win it all. The tricks he did film were really smooth, but I don't think he filmed as wide of a variety as Taylor or Eric. Anyways, expect Nic to show up for this contest.

Boris Dietschi - Boris displayed his mastery of Nollie popshovit variations. Even with perfectly performed Nollie 360 Shovit Nosegrinds to Nollie 360 Shovit F/S Blunts, Boris did not make it to the top 3. The judges felt that he did not perform a good variety of tricks.  This year I expect him to put together a video with greater variety of tricks. If Boris has more variety in his entry, it would be no surprise if he got in the Top 3.

Elias Assmuth - (Did Not Enter) Elias Assmuth is one of the most skilled fingerboarders in the world. A butter smooth style coupled with robot-like consistency, Elias has proven himself by winning contests in Germany. Who knows if Elias will enter this year, I personally doubt it with Fast-Fingers 11 just around the corner. If he does decide to enter, he could easily win it all.

Alex McMillan - (Did Not Enter) Alex didn't enter last year. Alex doesn't know if he will enter this year. Alex is super good. Alex better enter because Alex performs the most technical tricks possible.

Other people I expect to place high would be Mike Schneider, Taylor Rosenbauer, Tim Hurley

My Predictions:

3rd - Boris Dietsche, Taylor Lucas, Alex McMillan, Nic Herzog (Any of these dudes lol)

2nd - Elias Assmuth

1st - Eric Smith

I have around 25 seconds worth of stuff I am going to use for the rail jam. All my tricks are going down within the first ten or so tries. It's almost ridiculous. I was disappointed with my submission last year. I rushed it out and filled it with only a couple tricks I thought were good. I was lucky to get 9th place with the crap I submitted. So far my submission is much better. Every trick I have done for it is as difficult as any trick I've done in my life. I don't know if it will be Eric Smith-quality but I'll let the judges determine that ;-)

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