24 May 2008

And the flooding begins!

I am astonished with the quality of fingerboarding entries in this year's Rail Jam. There are soooo many great entries that I think deserve to place so far. Unfortunately only 15 can place, so the judges get the fun task of sorting through all the entries and determining who deserves to win.

I am pretty happy with my own entry. There are some tricks that I got close to landing that I really wanted to get, but other than that I feel good about it. I need to invest some of the money I have been earning from work into some nice Black River Ramps and a new Panasonic G-Series Camcorder so I can film some nice stuff at school.

News about my boring personal life:
I just started working for a development company this past week and so far I am having a blast. It's really busy and stressful at times, but I've known most of my co-workers my entire life and have been able to have some time to relax and mingle a bit with them.
Currently, there are two major projects the company is working on. 
The shiny building in the center is currently called the 5th and Columbia tower, which is going to be the 5th largest building in Seattle. It also is going to be the only high-rise office building in Seattle to achieve the LEED Gold rating, which means it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. For more info check out the website for the building  Here
Anyway, here's my shoddy attempt at a Rail Jam entry:

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