08 December 2008

Fingerboard Store open! Flatface Wheels in stock!

Fingerboardstore.de has new products available for sale!

New stuff @ www.fingerboardstore.de

- LowPro K1
- LowPro K4
- Berlinwood extra wide "deep cancave"
- Nollie-Wheels Carbon Decks gold & silver
- some more Nollie-Wheels
- FBS Boxes

check it out!

The Fingerboard boxes look really cool and very useful. For more information check out
The Fingerboard Store!

More news about Flatface!

Flatface has a bunch of wheels in stock! Try out a pair of Chris Deso's promodel G6 Purple Yetis! Or buy a pair of the snow white colored G7-T's!

To buy Flatface products, visit their website here!


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