03 July 2008

Scene news

Harald Schon AKA The Dirty Harry joined the Yellowood team. From Germany, he's the first Yellowood rider. He's also riding for www.Fingerboardstore.de, Nollie Wheels, Team Berlin Rollt and RD-Products.

Also, Maggie N. recently joined the Prete team. In Peter's words "A young, dedicated fingerboarder on the way to the top, with a great personality and attitude". She also joined the Arctic team awhile back. You go girl!

OK Ramps trucks? well maybe! In Kona's words "in a very distant future". This is just the first picture of his very first prototypes. We can definetely expect good things!

Fingerboarstore is back on business! In full power! After a terrible bad luck with mother nature, Katha is back with Close Ups, Berlin longboards, wides, wide deeps, oldschools, Nollie Wheels and more.......check it out www.fingerboardstore.de

Massacre Webshop got Naipe Fingerboards avaliable. You better hurry up if you want to get some www.massacreshop.com


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