20 June 2008


Team News:
Congratulations to Tim Alexiel, who joined the No Comply Decks team!

There is a new German fingerboard blog at http://fsbg.wordpress.com/
Even though I only understand a little bit of German, it still was a great thing to read. I agree with the idea of making fingerboarding international. Hopefully they will succeed! If you guys need any help covering our scene, feel free to get a hold of me or any of the FBWeekly staff!

Check out the craftsmanship by FFI member Gil.
Utilizing cardboard to its fullest effect in this mini-Street Plaza. I love the concept and look of this ramp.

And check out this BRR Big Mini replica . . .

I am finished picking my jaw off the floor. Really amazing work Gil.
Check out more of his homeade ramps in this thread.

Peter Ringel, owner of Prete Fingerboards, posted these beautiful decks.

The lady bug really adds to the deck ;) Peter said after testing the decks out for a day, he did not really like the way it performed nollie tricks, especially nollie heelflips. As a result, there will most likely not be a release of these groovy curved decks. Too bad, because I loved the way they looked!

And there is also a deck with Peter's initials. The mold is what Peter is calling the "Taylor R." mold, because of Taylor's extreme liking to the decks that came from this mold. Peter added that this mold came before the Kura mold.

I love the curved shape prototype. Even though he is probably not going to sell the curved decks, Peter is continuing to innovate the fingerboard industry by not being afraid to tinker around with the shapes and dynamics of the deck.

Fingerboards don't have to look exactly like skateboards. Ramps don't have to be made out of wood, and confined to strict dimensions. The great part of skateboarding and fingerboarding is the ability to showcase your own individuality, and not be bound to the chains set up by another person. You don't have to do nollie heels into grinds, or kickflips or whatever for that matter. Create your own tricks. Do your own thing, and support those who keep pushing the envelope. Peter and Gil are one of many great examples of the innovators within our scene. We need people like them to be the catalyst, and people who encourage growth and development. Without change there will be no perfection, only stagnation.

Continue to support the many, such as Gil and Peter, who encourage change in our own scene. From the people that have been around for a long time to the new fingerboarder that browses around on the forums as a guest, we can make our scene better by understanding this little idea of change.

Wow, I got off subject fast . . . lol.

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Blogger low said...

fantastic article!

June 20, 2008 at 5:03 PM  
Anonymous Stegen said...

I like your idea of making fingerboarding international. Over at fingerboard.de, this is one of our aims too. Feel free to browse our site and take the news away and write them down for the people, who don't speak german. I like this blog.

August 3, 2008 at 5:18 PM  

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