17 June 2008

Upcoming Events!

Check this out! The Portugal scene is hosting the Monsanto Fingerboard Jam on June 28 in Monsanto, Portugal. The Portugal scene is thriving right now. Great fingerboards and companies.

If you are able to attend the Monsanto Fingerboard Jam, please be sure to keep everyone updated!

The Weiss Wurst Iss Jam #3 is happening on July 5th at Hofbrauhaus, Am Platzl 1, Muna. From my understanding, the Weiss Wurst Iss Jam is hosted by Martin Winkler. Pretty much everyone goes and fingerboards out doors and has a great time. Correct me if I am wrong :) Sounds like it will be a blast!

Rendezvous #4 is occurring on July 12th in Andover, Massachusetts. The Rendezvous is hosted by Flatface Fingerboards owner Mike Schneider, and is most likely the largest fingerboard community gathering in the United States.

The No Comply/Homewood Huck Jam is going to be located in Princeton, Indiana on August 2nd. Obstacles, food and drinks will be provided at NO cost! Todd from No-Comply and Justin from Homewood are running the event. More info here

I love what Mike, Todd and Justin are doing for the United States fingerboard scene. You guys rule!

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