26 June 2008

1° Brazilian Contest

Some people may have heard about this, and it's true! The first Brazilian contest it's going to happen on August 2nd and 3rd, at the Hi Adventure Hostel. The park is still a big secret but there are rumors that it is suppose to be 4 meters long!!!! HUGE. It is being made by Kona (OK Ramps owner) and I tell you, it's going to be BRR+ quality. Those who already knows Kona's work know I'm not exaggerating.
We got the french company Close Up sponsoring the contest with over 30 packs, plus the skateboard company Naipe will be donating some stuff. And of course the Brazilian fingerboard companies Massacre Webshop, Downtown Fingerboards and Evolve Decks will be supporting the event.

We have been planning this since the end of last year, so you people can imagine our anxiety, even because this Hostel has this big bowl, not considering the fact of it being on a paradisiac place, with beautiful beaches and gorgeous girls hehe. Here's some pictures of the place:

The whole event it's going to be filmed, so expect good things. I'm not really sure if we are going to have lots of fingerboarders there, we definetly don't have that much as Germany, but in part it's good because the park won't be so crowded (who in the bloody hell wants to share a huge park with other people hahah).
More info soon.

Did anyone say heaven?


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