23 June 2008


Massacre Webshop is hosting an online video contest! This is one in a recent surge of contests within the Brazilian scene.

Best translation I can do.


1 video per contestant
15-20 seconds max
Any obstacle
Any type of fingerboard
Videos will be judged on technique, style and creativity.
Must be posted (poster?) on the fingerboardbrasil.com forum.
Must be posted on Youtube.
Deadline for videos is the 30th of June
More info here!

Mike Schneider is looking for graphics for Flatface decks. There are some prizes involved. The winner gets a few surprises plus they get their choice of a deck from any one of the rider's decks. More information.

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Anonymous jason said...

i wanna make a graphic but i dont have a FFI

March 16, 2009 at 2:47 PM  

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