20 June 2008

Tricks Leaving a Lasting Impression.

I've just had a few tricks on my mind lately. These ones stood out to me alot, and i thought i would show some respect, and give kudos to where it is necessary.

-Chris Daniels(Nollie tre fs blunt bigflip out, Switch varial fs noseslide, Rail Jam 08)- Wow, this left an impression on me because i still have not been able to land it, and he landed it like it was nothing. The nollie tre in the was perfect, and he just landed it solid. This isn't a trick you see much either. The sw varial fs noseslide was what really stood out to me. When i first saw it i was like "What was that?". I think it's safe to say this was the most epic trick i have seen in a while. It's original, and totally cool looking. :23, :34

-Alex McMillan(Switch heel fs tail switch heel out, MNO)- This was amazing, for me at least. I came to FFI when MNO first came out, and i remember seeing this move, and being blown away by it. I still am. And, what makes it even better is his reaction. Any one that knows McMillan's footage knows that its full of tricks like this. I am still trying to land this move. Alex is a god at fingerboarding. 2:50

-Mike Schneider(Kickflip late impossible bs blunt tre blunt kickflip blunt kickflip, Crimbo Combo entry)- Umm, this trick speaks for itself. EPIC

-Brett Gagliardo(Switch flip front flip, A Little Mini)- This trick is not only cool looking, but i haven't seen it ever before. Brett loves fingerboarding, and it shows in his minis. The creativity of this trick was awesome, and it was crazy clean.

I know there are many more tricks that are epic, but i thought i'd do a little entry.

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Anonymous devon said...

holy crap man i landed teh vswitch variel nose first try i was like ill never land this then i was like hioly shit

August 9, 2009 at 6:42 AM  

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